LIVE – War in Ukraine: Wagner says he is getting closer to the center of Bakhmout

Ukraine: babies in the war



The conflict is bogged down in Bakhmout, in the Donbass, which Russian troops have been trying to take since this summer. The paramilitary group Wagner claims to be close to the city center and progressing day by day.

The bombardments continue, notably in southern Ukraine, where a new strike has caused the death of at least three people in Kherson.


Strike in Kherson, Russian advance in Bakhmout... Update on the situation in Ukraine


In Kherson, a few dozen births have been registered since the Russians withdrew. 600 kilometers away, in kyiv, dozens of soldiers keep their sperm in a laboratory to have children. Another notable fact: more and more surrogate mothers declare themselves candidates.

Ukraine: babies in the warSource : News 8 p.m. WE


The Ukrainians are preparing for a counter-offensive which they say should not take long in the region of Bakhmout, a city in eastern Ukraine that Russian forces have been trying to take since the summer at the cost of heavy losses. The Russian army continues its attacks in parallel in other regions.

Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to the war in Ukraine and its consequences. Find here the highlights and striking images of this conflict.

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