Lockerbie bombing in 1988: a Libyan detained in the United States

Lockerbie bombing in 1988: a Libyan detained in the United States

Lockerbie bombing in 1988 a Libyan detained in the United

In December 2020, American justice announced that it would prosecute Abu Agila Mohammad Massoud, a former member of Muammar Gaddafi’s intelligence services and at the time detained in Libya. He is suspected of having assembled and programmed the bomb. However, it is not known when and under what conditions the suspect was handed over to the American authorities.

The attack targeted a transatlantic flight from London to New York. The aircraft exploded on December 21, 1988 over the Scottish village of Lockerbie, killing all 259 passengers and crew and 11 people on the ground. So far, only one person has been convicted for this attack: the Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi, who died in 2012. He had always maintained his innocence.

The Lockerbie attack is the deadliest ever committed on the territory of the United Kingdom, but also the second deadliest against Americans (190 dead) after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi had officially recognized responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing in 2003 and paid $2.7 billion in restitution to the families of the victims. The investigation was relaunched in 2016, when American justice learned that Abu Agila Mohammad Massoud had been arrested after the fall of the dictator and allegedly made a confession to the intelligence services of the new Libyan regime in 2012.

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