Love, fame and bitcoin: a romance turns into a crypto scam

PS: I scam you – It’s the remake of a romance film gone wrong that happened in the heart of Nottinghamshire. A scam, a scam : a sadly recurring practice that reminds us to always opt for the greatest caution when interacting on the net. Story of a romance gone wrong.


Scam Actually: the love affair that turns into a nightmare

THE facts take place in Nottingham, not far from the famous Sherwood Forest, famous for its highwaymen, those who steal from the rich to give to the poor. But here, no sheriff, no Robin Hood. It is in the heart of this modest town in England that the victim of the scam, who will be called Juliette, was robbed of nearly $200,000 (£170,000). Story of a online adventure that turned into disaster.

The romance began in May 2020. The womenaged about 70 years old, began chatting online with a man claiming to be a US Army surgeon. We will call him Romeo. The discussion soon became more serious and soon moved to the messaging app Google Hangouts. After two months, Romeo succeeds in convincing Juliette that it is true love, that he wishes to join her as soon as possible. But there is a catch. For that, he needs money, a lot of money, in order to end his contract early.

Here we see the trick coming directly. But when one is directly concerned, after months of exchange, this can lose its obviousness. The maneuver is vicious. To attract the sympathy, then the confidence of the victim, even the desire here. And this is where the trap closes.

Scammers use the most shameful means to steal your money.
Gaining your trust to better steal from you, the scammers are doubling their ingenuity

The author of the scam advances while Bitcoin is the only way for Juliette to send him the funds. He reassures her by telling her that he himself has this money, but that he does not have access to it for the moment. Of course, he will repay her without fail, once he is by her side. Convinced, Juliette gradually withdraws the money from her bank account over the months. Then, she starts scouring the Bitcoin ATMs of Nottingham in search of the precious BTC. Finally, she sends them to the fraudulent address of Romeo’s wallet, the scammer, who obviously does not ask for his rest, after 18 months of effort.

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Be careful, scammers will do anything to steal from you

There Juliet’s bank, noting the substantial transfers, ends up alerting the police. The retiree is thus summoned by the fraud protection unit. Juliette is devastated when she learns the reality of the facts.

“Romance fraud is a particularly heinous crime that targets the most vulnerable people in society. »

Juliet, the victim

“Over a period of 18 months, he [Roméo] invented many, many stories in order to extract the $200,000 from the victim. »

Dale Richardson, Fraud Protection Officer

With the help of the police and fraud services, Juliette managed to be compensation of 130,000 dollars on the total sum, after months of stress and anxiety, waiting to find out if she would get her money back. Romeo, the author of the scam, turned out to be part of organized crime gangs in Nigeria.

“We urge anyone in a similar situation [à la victime] to contact the police. Don’t be embarrassed to tell us what you went through. We can help you through these difficult times. »

Dale Richardson

The scams that haunt the net and the crypto ecosystem are numerous and pernicious. THE crooks redouble their ingenuity and patience in order to trap their victims in their neatly crafted scams. So opt for the greatest caution during each of your activities on the net and in your crypto transactions !

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Last Verdict

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