Macron wants to “intensify support” for kyiv to move towards “credible negotiations”

Macron wants to "intensify support" for kyiv to move towards "credible negotiations"

Macron wants to intensify support for kyiv to move towards

By invading its neighbor on February 24, Moscow officially became a “power of disorder” worldwide, says the French head of state. “I call it neocolonial and imperialist. It denies identity to a neighbor, it considers that we can take a territory. To accept it is to consider that neocolonialism is legitimate or that it is in the rest of the world”he says. “One year later, the results are considerable of a catastrophic and unjustified conflict”he underlines, referring to a war that “is not simply that of Europeans” but “that of the entire planet”.

Despite everything, Emmanuel Macron continues to see beyond these clashes. “Let us also engage in the preparation of peace. We must now prepare the terms of peace. It is our responsibility”calls the resident of the Élysée. “This peace will be all the more possible and credible if we are strong today and if we know how to be so over the long term”, he slips. talk about negotiations, “It’s not a spirit of compromise, it’s a spirit of responsibility”he refutes again.

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