March 10 Partouche launches the Joker Club NFT, will you come and play in the big leagues?

The performance hall of the Casino des Forges will host the launch ceremony of the NFT Joker Club on March 10, an initiative of the Partouche group which intends to develop on the Web3

The Partouche group, a famous French casino operator, is setting out to conquer Web3 with his very first collection of NFT titled “Joker Club”. A total of 8888 NFTs issued on the Ethereum network so crypto and casino enthusiasts can finally merge their passions. Indeed, many advantages accompany the acquisition of these tokens bearing the image of the famous card with powerful powers. An event in itself whose launch will be marked by an evening of presentation which reserves many surprises. Conferences, animations and interaction promise a crypto show of which the Partouche group masters all the secrets. A web3 high mass which will be broadcast live by your favorite Journal du Coin, on our youtube channel, the evening of March 10. Shuffle up and deal!

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Partouche Multiverse.


Joker Show, Partouche all in on the web3

It was therefore at 8:45 p.m. on March 10 that the famous French group launched its web3 initiative. An event called “Joker Show” which will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the JDC. An experience that promises to be epic, like a crazy evening of gambling as only the big gaming establishments know how to offer. Between shows and entertainment, many emblematic stakeholders of the French-speaking blockchain and NFT ecosystem will come to share their passion:

  • Bilal el Alamy, founder of Pirate Labz and Dogami
  • Ulysse Partouche, founder of the Partouche Multiverse
  • Hugo Gesbert, metaverse manager ofExclusive
  • Max Ziliani, Artistic Director of the “Smurf’s Society” project
  • Velleyen Sawmi, of the Enepthys soviet

An NFT/FR dream team which will debate live themes that cut across the entire crypto ecosystem. Two topics whose implications extend far beyond the confines of our favorite blockchain networks:

  • Blockchain, education and metaverse: an indispensable link for mass adoption?
  • Brands in the age of the web3

From the end of the evening, around 10:15 p.m., you will be able to reserve your Joker. A presale that will allow you to receive an NFT Joker Club on the date of the mint. This will be followed by a large-scale promotional campaign in the main establishments of the group. An operation that will last from March 11 to 19, the day before the launch of the first “mints”. So, if you haven’t had the chance to join the whitelist, you can still be sure to embark on the adventure.

The performance hall of the Casino des Forges will host the launch ceremony of the NFT Joker Club on March 10, an initiative of the Partouche group which intends to develop on the Web3
On March 10, the Joker Club launch party will be broadcast on the JDC’s youtube channel

Partouche and Web3, evidence of an evolution

It was very recently that Groupe Partouche, European leader in the leisure sector, revealed the launch of its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called “Joker Club”. A sudden announcement certainly, but which reveals a project carefully thought out and developed over a long period via its subsidiary web3 Partouche Multiverse. This collection of 8,888 NFTs, divided into 4 families like playing cards, is set to become a central part of the group’s loyalty system. As such, holders of an NFT Joker will be able to join a community of enthusiasts and benefit from numerous physical and virtual advantages in the Partouche ecosystem.

Partouche launches its NFT Joker club and reveals its assets

Eight artists with varied backgrounds collaborated on the visuals of the collection. This brilliantly mixes the codes of street-art, comics, manga and punk attitude to produce a result that combines casino, gaming and pop culture in the broad sense. This emulsion of talents and inspirations, coupled with eight months of hard work, leads today to a bluffing artistic production of originalityand whatever the rarity level of the NFT.

The NFT format is the ideal support for the Partouche group, which wants to be permanently part of the web3
The NFT Joker Club, the gateway to the Partouche group’s web3

On the audio side and sound environment, a sacred monster is present on the collection in the person of Stéphane Cornicard, crowned best voice-over in the world in 2022. This is how the Joker will be able to speak and address the community during future events and campaigns of the project.

We told you, the collection joker club will be divided into four families, each with its own visual identity and history:

  • NFTs in the spade family (“Builder Spades”) represent builders and builders
  • The hearts (“OG Heartist”) are the artists
  • Clubs (“Gamblers Club”) are for real gamblers, lovers of strong emotions
  • The tiles (“Diamond degens”) represent the hotheads, in search of the big blow

Different families, different ways to achieve success, but all are driven by the spirit of the Joker: this desire to have fun, to play, to seek emotion and to live your passion to the fullest.

Joker Club NFTs will be issued on the Ethereum network. There, no mystery, it is for Partouche to position itself on the most popular blockchain in order to build a large web3 family of enthusiasts.

The initial sale price is 0.08 ETH per unit.

Mint scheduled for March 20-23

After that ? No need to wait long weeks. Indeed, the mint will start at the end of the presale period. This will be held in two phases, on the Joker Club website :

  • From March 20 to 22all discord members who have the “OG” role and whitelist members will be able to mint an NFT.
  • From the March 23the sale becomes public.

Note that it will be possible to mint a maximum of five NFTs per wallet. Once in possession of your Joker Club, it’s time to play!

Joker Club NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain
Joker Club NFTs promise many benefits to their owners

The unique advantages of the Joker Club

Indeed, joining the Joker Club obviously means joining a community of web3 enthusiasts who like to have fun and live life to the fullest. But it also means obtaining privileged access to real benefitsamong which :

  • Up to 50% more game credits when you visit the casino
  • Discounts on hotelsrestaurants and shows of the Partouche group
  • Access to Joker Club private events
  • Participation in private online poker tournaments
  • Other uses still kept secret

Finally, Partouche Multiverse has already announced that the holders of Joker Club will have all the rights to their NFTs. So it will be to them possible to use them for marketing and commercial purposes. A weighty argument when you know the importance of the Partouche group in France and Europe. And as a super jackpot, the company has already announced that it will use its own network to support these initiatives. In particular by making its casinos and its event know-how available to members of the Joker Club private club (after evaluation of the projects and their adequacy with the values ​​of the company).

By launching this collection of NFTs, Partouche is resolutely committing to the world of Web3, faithful to its passion for innovation and tech. Indeed, holders of an NFT Joker Club will be able to join a community of enthusiasts and benefit from numerous physical and virtual advantages in the group’s ecosystem. To find out more, visit the community discord server. And to celebrate this landmark incursion in the history of the French metaverse, don’t forget to join us March 10 for an evening that promises to be memorable, directly on site at the Casino Domaine des Forges (remember to book), or live on the JDC Youtube channel.

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