Mining Delta unveils new high-performance ASICs to the French public

Mining Delta is at the forefront of the equipment necessary to build your personal mining farm, whether for Bitcoin or Kadena

Always more mining powerThe French company Mining Delta has been established in the cryptocurrency mining sector since 2020. Since then, it has been providing the French public with the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for the validation of blockchain networks operating on the “Proof of work” (POW) model. If the idea of collect cryptocurrency yourself has already touched you, good news! The period of bear market naturally lends itself to the acquisition of mining machines. Are you going to invest to prepare for the next bullrun?

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Mining Delta.


Mining Delta at the service of miners during the bear market

French society Mining Delta offers for sale mining equipment and gaming. The company has two warehouses. One in Clermont-Ferrand where its head office is also located, and the other in China in Shenzhen. This is to promote greater proximity with manufacturers. A strategy that allows the company to offer its services in France and internationally.

To provide you with the equipment that will allow you to produce your own Bitcoins (among other things), Mining Delta has a website very complete from which it is possible to order with ease. The interface is available in French, English, German and Spanish. The company delivers its products to both companies than to individuals who wish to equip themselves.

In a bear market context, the question of mining is of great relevance. Indeed, such market conditions are particularly favorable to the acquisition of ASICs and mining rigs at very competitive prices. An opportunity that will only last a while. The latter increase drastically in euphoric market phasesdue to much higher demand.

>> Mining Delta offers a reduction of 100€ to the first 100 buyers of an ASIC on its website thanks to the code JDC100 (commercial link) >>

The products offered can be new or used. For the latter, a review and complete cleaning are carried out by Mining Delta teams. Before any shipment, the mining machines are tested using a rigorous 30-minute protocol to ensure that they are working properly.

A responsive customer service is available for any question relating to the machines and their specificities. Mining Delta advisers will accompany you step by step in the acquisition and installation of equipment.

Mining Delta is at the forefront of the equipment necessary to build your personal mining farm, whether for Bitcoin or Kadena
The latest Bitcoin mining ASICs or even Kadena are at Mining Delta

A wide choice of products for all profiles

Mining Delta distributes several types of computer equipment:

  • Graphics Cards Or GPUs : they are an essential component of any computer. A high-end graphics card can radically improve graphics performance and fluidity in the most demanding video games. Furthermore, they are much more efficient than processors for performing iterative calculations in mining. They can then be used in combination to form what are called mining rigs. 2 manufacturers are available at Mining Delta: Nvidia and AMD Radeon.

>> Thanks to the code JDC100, the first 100 buyers of an ASIC on the website will benefit from a reduction of 100€ (commercial link) >>

  • ASIC (Or Application Specific Integrated Circuits) : flagship products for efficient mining of digital assets using proof of work. They consist of electronic chips programmed to resolve a specific hashing algorithm (SHA-256, Ethash). So, it is not possible to mine different algorithms with an ASIC machine unlike mining rigs.
  • Mining Rigs : they consist of several graphics cards (Nvidia or AMD Radeon). They mine cryptocurrencies using proof of work (POW) in the consensus method. Mining Delta can build custom rigs upon specific request.
  • Components gaming : a whole section is dedicated to computer hardware optimized for video games. Motherboards, SSD and HDD disks and CPUs are thus available.
  • Immersion cooling : oil being a better cooler than air, housings filled with a heat transfer fluid make it possible to accommodate ASICs or mining rigs. They greatly reduce the rise in temperature of computer hardware as well as the noise it generates. Thus, they allow to push to the maximum of their capacities (overclock) the ASICs or the rigs in order to obtain a maximum hashrate.

New in the pipes

Several novelties in ASIC have recently been commercialized, or are about to be. Mining Delta obviously invites you to discover them:

Goldshell KD-BOX II 5TH:

ASICs dedicated to KDA mining, native token of the Kadena blockchain network. It has been officially available for sale since December 2022.

Antminer KA3 166TH:

Mining machine that promises to be particularly profitable, it delivers a power of 166TH for 3150Wh and also allows you to mine Kadena (KDA), but not only. The release is scheduled for the current month.

An ASIC makes it possible to mine cryptocurrencies whose consensus is established thanks to Proof of work, such as Bitcoin or the Kadena blockchain network
Antminer S19J Pro Plus 122TH allowing Bitcoin mining

Antminer S19J PRO PLUS 122TH:

Manufactured by Bitmain with a distribution scheduled for February 2023, it allows mining on the Bitcoin network and its forked (Bitcoin Cash in particular). Indeed, its maximum computing power is 122TH/s for a consumption of 2750Wh. Very competitive compared to the 2950Wh for the Antminer S19J PRO 100TH currently available. Do not hesitate to consult the site of Mining Delta to access all available machines.

If you feel like getting into cryptocurrency mining to produce, for example, your own Bitcoinconsider not delaying too long to invest in the necessary computer equipment in order to take advantage of current sale prices. Moreover, the effervescence around mining in strategic places optimizing access to energy is at its peak. Many solutions are being developed to host your machines abroad, in infrastructures benefiting from an unbeatable price per kWh, and you can already host your machines there. Mining with Mining Delta is now or never!

As you will have understood, the best time to buy equipment is when the market is at half mast! And to help you take the leap, by using the code JDC100, Mining Delta offers you a 100€ discount on the purchase of an ASIC on its website. The recent Bitcoin pump is a warning, don’t miss the opportunity! (commercial link)

Last Verdict

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