Motorcycle travel, the essentials not to be overlooked!

HEYME motorcycle insurance

Traveling by motorbike means traveling the roads in complete freedom and discovering unique landscapes that are sometimes inaccessible by car without worrying about the number of kilometers to be covered.

But before packing up, you have to prepare your motorcycle road trip!

Here are the good reflexes to adopt in order to be able to hit the road in peace and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Define a route

A motorcycle trip is above all a question of preparation and organization, so it is important to carefully study the circuits you want to take.

You can use a road-book to write down information about the route to follow: road names, number of kilometers to cover each day, fuel and food supply points, rest areas available and number of toll stations if you decide to take the highway.

If you’re more tech-oriented, you can opt for mapping and routing apps like Mappy Where ViaMichelin.

HEYME motorcycle insurance

Check the mechanics of your motorcycle

For a long journey over several days or a simple getaway for a weekend, guaranteeing your safety and that of others is essential.

Consider carrying out a complete overhaul of your two-wheeler:

  • check tire pressure and condition
  • inspection of brake discs and pads
  • check suspension and engine oil level
  • examination of the lights (turn signals, headlights, main beams, brake lights, etc.)
  • chain kit cleaning and lubrication

Provide a repair kit to remove a wheel in the event of a puncture and a tool kit to be able to change a handle or a mirror.

Provide the necessary equipment

Appropriate equipment will guarantee your safety and a comfortable ride.

Here are five essential pieces of equipment on a motorcycle trip:

  • The helmet: for a long journey it is advisable to opt for a full face helmet adapted to your morphology
  • Gloves: a leather model fitted to the fingers and wrist is recommended
  • The jacket: it must be equipped with a back protector and protective shells at the level of the elbows and shoulders without forgetting the ventilation zips
  • The pants: it will be necessary to favor a model with reinforcements lined at the level of the knees, the buttocks or even the hips.
  • Motorcycle boots: choose a high model that can protect your ankles and that has reinforcements at the level of the heels, the toes of the malleolus.

Think of a safety vest and waterproof rain gear: rain jacket, overgloves, overtrousers and overboots.

For safety reasons, all of your equipment must be homologated and comply with CE standards. If it is made of leather, remember to maintain it regularly.

Distribute the loads for more stability

The total weight carried will have an impact on the handling of your two-wheeler. Evenly distributing your luggage will allow you good road holding.

The heaviest objects should be placed as close as possible to the motorcycle’s center of gravity, ie inside the tank bag and/or in the side cases.

The luggage rack will be able to accommodate smaller objects such as clothes and for gadgets and electronic devices (geolocation kit, camera, flashlight, USB charger, etc.), they will easily find their place in the top case. .

Once everything is firmly attached, make sure that all piloting maneuvers can be carried out without difficulty.

You can check the maximum loading capacity of your motorcycle on your vehicle registration document to avoid exceeding it.

Consider your condition as a pilot

It all depends on your experience as a driver, but make sure you keep a cool head!

Master your machine, take the time to rest as often as necessary and find out about the weather conditions.

On the insurance side, check the guarantees included in your contract and subscribe to the additional options if necessary.

By taking out motorcycle insurance HEYMEyou will be able :

  • Insure your equipment, helmet and accessories
  • Extend the driver guarantee up to €200K in the event of disability or death
  • Be supported for an inclusion points recovery course.

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