Mt. Gox: 1 more month to recover lost bitcoins (BTC) from creditors

Mt. Gox: 1 more month to recover lost bitcoins (BTC) from creditors

New twist at Mt. Gox – Whilethey had until March 10 to manifest, Mt. Gox creditors will be able to benefit from nearlyone more month to claim their BTC lost for several years now. In fact, by benefiting from one more month, note that the deadline for reimbursement of these precious bitcoins has also been postponed by one month.

“The deadline for selection and registration was March 10, 2023 (Japan time). But after getting permission from the court, the rehab administrator changed the deadline (…) to April 6, 2023 (Japan time) (…)”

Communicated from Mt. Gox

As a reminder, Mt. Gox was the victim ofa massive hack in 2014which led to the loss over 850,000 BTC, worth billions of dollars at the time. These hundreds of thousands of bitcoins are now monitored like milk on fire by the community.

Since then, users have attempted to recover their funds. However, the process was long and difficult. So long that the two largest creditors of the fallen platform did not want to wait to recover their precious bitcoins, despite the capricious course of the king of cryptocurrencies.

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