Mutual insurance waiting period: what is it?

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Insurance terms, reimbursement rates, non-intuitive language, a waiting period… that’s too much! Breathe, HEYME is there for you!

What is a mutual insurance waiting period?

The waiting period is the waiting period applied by your mutual at the start of the contract (date of signature), and consequently after the effective date, during which the compensation for the healthcare costs incurred is not effective.

To put it simply, the waiting period is the period during which the policyholder does not benefit from full cover on the services subscribed.

For your information, Social Security also applies waiting periods during sick leave, for example.

What is the purpose of the waiting period of a mutual?

If your mutual provides a waiting period in your contract, on one or more guarantees, it is quite simply to limit abusive subscriptions and prevent them from being made in anticipation of major future expenses. Thus, only medical expenses incurred after the waiting period will be reimbursed.

Mutual insurance is there to reimburse you for health costs related to sudden or unforeseen risks.

HEYME student health insurance

How long does the waiting period for mutual insurance last?

The waiting period can range from one week to several months.

Your complementary health insurance can in certain cases extend the waiting period to one year for expensive care such as prostheses or dental appliances.

If you have taken out a contract which provides for a waiting period of 90 days for the fitting of a dental prosthesis, and you perform this act 30 days after signing the contract, you will not be able to benefit from reimbursement by your mutual.

Bonus information:

The waiting period may relate to:

  • Optics
  • Dental appliances and prostheses
  • hearing aids
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity care

And at HEYME, what does mutual insurance give?

At HEYME from €9.90/month we cover your essential needs: hospitalization, routine care, pharmacy. And if you need extended coverage, we offer 4 levels of guarantees to meet your expectations.

Regardless of the level chosen, you have unlimited access to medical teleconsultation 24 hours a day with ABI. You can consult a doctor from your smartphone and directly from your sofa!

We also provide you with an app to view your reimbursements, download your third-party payment card, send us your documents and find a doctor near you!

And the icing on the cake… an app with good deals and discounts on your favorite brands: shopping, cinema, restaurant…

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