My quiet return to school: civil liability insurance at 13€!

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

For a good return to school, you must take out civil liability insurance! Is this coverage compulsory? What does it cover? How much does it cost ? The answers in this article.

Civil liability insurance: what is it?

Civil Liability Insurance, also called RC, is a contract that covers damage caused by the insured to a third party. The damage can be material, immaterial or bodily caused by inattention, negligence or imprudence.

Your insurer will pay compensation to the third party victim of the claim or accident according to the cover taken out.

Compulsory in internships, civil liability is required in most higher education establishments.

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

The guarantees of a civil liability insurance contract

Civil Liability covers three types of damage:

  • bodily harm (physical injuries);
  • material damage (breakage of an object);
  • immaterial damage (damage to the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss).

For €13/year, HEYME civil liability insurance covers damage caused to a third party during your internships in France and abroad. If you are continuing your studies in the medical field, you will also be covered during your on-call duty at the hospital!

Exclusions from the civil liability contract

Intentional damage, damage that you cause to yourself and damage occurring in a professional context (salaried employment contract) are excluded from civil liability.

Extreme sports, damage caused with a car or a new electric vehicle are not covered by the Civil Liability contract.

What can I be responsible for?

You are held responsible for damage you cause through inattention or negligence. Civil liability covers you when, for example:

  • You have equipment loaned by the higher education establishment stolen
  • You spill coffee on your classmate’s PC
  • You inadvertently jostle your classmate who falls and breaks his arm.

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

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