NFT and metaverse: YugaLabs appoints a former Activision boss to head the company

Luxury recruitment for web3YugaLabs is a locomotive in the sector of NFT with star collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club where the CryptoPunks. Regularly in the headlines, this precursor of Web3 has just offered the services of a size of the game video from the famous publisher Activision Blizzard. Personal opportunity or sign of the times? Beginning of response to follow.

YugaLabs attracts a Web2 star to expand

The news came from YugaLabs via a press release published on December 19 last. Some Daniel Aleger will join the world leader in NFTs as CEO from the first half of 2023. He will succeed Nicole Muniz who will however remain a partner and strategic advisor. The new manager will work closely with the founders of the house, Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano to continue to grow the business.

The newcomer is a celebrity from the world of video games. With his former employer Activisionhe participated in the international marketing of successful video games such as call of duty, World of Warcraft or candy Crush. Before that, he also officiated at another juggernaut named Google where he spent 16 years. His new colleague Wylie Aronow is looking forward to its upcoming arrival:

“Nicole, Greg and I have been looking for someone with Daniel’s skills for some time. (…) We are delighted to have him join the team to contribute to our vision of a truly interoperable metaverse. »

YugaLabs has just announced the forthcoming arrival at the post of CEO of a size of the video game industry in the person of Daniel Alegre.  This former from Activision will be in charge of developing the metaverse sector of the house which owns the rights of Bored Apes Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.
The future boss of YugaLabs announces the news to his community – Source: Twitter

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Because it is good essentially to metaverse referred. By the way, about his future assignmentsthe newcomer said:

“The company’s portfolio of products, partnerships and intellectual property represents a huge opportunity to define the metaverse in a way that empowers creators and gives users true ownership of their identity and digital assets. I look forward to working with the passionate and creative team at Yuga to innovate, inspire and shape the future of the internet together. »

And if we are to believe the declarations of each other, the future of the Internet is indeed this famous metaverse. Besides, YugaLabs has developed its own and it is called other side. This project ambitious sits at the crossroads of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and web3 technology. It is clearly one of the company’s most important projects. And to achieve her ends, she did not skimp on the means. Just before the recruitment of Daniel Aleger, another big name in the ecosystem had already joined the ranks of YugaLabs. It was Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann.

Big names in the sector have welcomed the arrival of such a personality in the industry, emphasizing the importance of video game oriented web3 in the next bull run. The sector of NFT and metaverse currently seems to be evolving on a ridge line with contradictory announcements that are blowing hot and cold. But with recruitments like that, difficult to see the signs of a crisis. Is the sector really in failure as it can be read on the right or on the left?

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