NFT: DeGods land on Bitcoin via Ordinals

The Rush of NFTs on Bitcoin? – Engrave his work in the marble of the first blockchain in the world. A sweet dream now accessible with the technology developed by Ordinals. This announcement caused an unprecedented influx on Bitcoin (BTC), causing fees to explode for the greatest pleasure of minors. And, the collection DeGodscollection NFT flagship of the Solana blockchain, is not left out. Decryption.


The DeGods invite themselves to the Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin. A currency or a database? A means of exchange or storage? The debate is heated between the biases and the questionings are raging at the start of the year. Since the arrival of Ordinals technology. Suddenly, data storage becomes simpler, still limited certainly, but enough to freeze within the queen of all blockchainspieces NFT of everyone.

We are now seeing the emergence of OrdinalsPunksreplicas of the famous CryptoPunks of Ethereum. A craze that propelled the number of new Bitcoin addresses to new records. It was unthinkable for the DeGods, Solana’s first NFT collection, not to be part of it. Especially since these have launched their migration to Ethereumscheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

The team has, in fact, revealed have registered within the same block 535 NFTs from their collection. 535 very special NFTs since they had been destroyed (burn in English) a few days after the creation of the collection on Solana. The co-founder of the NFT DeGods collection, Rohun Voraalso known as Frank, welcomed this success on Twitter.

“It was an honor to work with Nick Hansen to ensure we didn’t have random Ordinals created in the middle of our 535 DeGods. All of them were created in one block. Simple. Gorgeous. Forever enshrined in the Bitcoin blockchain. »

The NFT DeGods collection, created on Solana, joins the Bitcoin blockchain via Ordinals technology.
DeGods Collection Co-Founder Shares Bitcoin NFT Listing Announcement via Ordinals – Source: Twitter

“Bitcoin is the best, most pristine crypto brand. It is the best known, the simplest and the most powerful. She was never corrupted, was she? »

Rohun Vora, co-founder of the NFT DeGods collection

What is dead cannot die “. It’s this famous tirade from the series Game of Thrones who pushed Kevin Henriksonanother co-founder of the DeGods collection, implemented these 535 copies of their collection on Bitcoin. For them, the opportunity was too good to bring these previously destroyed copies back to life.

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Ordinals, NFTs engraved forever on Bitcoin

Nonetheless, the team wanted to do it right and not list their copies across multiple blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain. So they teamed up with Nick Hansenthe CEO of Luxor Technologies. This is to ensure that their NFTs are all included within a single block of the Bitcoin blockchain.

On the other hand, to fit within the same block, the 535 images had to be heavily compressed. Each image was resized within a square of 210 pixels per side, at low resolution, in a .webp file.

The advantage of Ordinals unlike other NFTs is their storage process. Many collections have their images hosted on centralized servers. This poses a big risk to the sustainability of the collection in the event of a fault in the said servers. Others, more elaborate, use IPFS (InterPlanetary File Storage) technology, decentralized storage via multiple servers. With Ordinals, on the other hand, the designs of the NFTs are directly stored on the blockchain. Sorry, on THE blockchain. A blockchain, Bitcoin, which has repeatedly demonstrated its longevity and resistance to censorship. It is logical that it attracts all collections that want to appropriate a part of its purity.

The visions are opposed on the true reason for being of Bitcoin. A technology torn between the roles we wish to attribute to it. Exchange vector, currency, NFT support? What if Bitcoin was simply freedom incarnate? Impossible to categorize freedom, is it? Freedom to own, create, trade currency or NFTs… And why not the two of them ?

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