NFT, metaverse and blockchain: IESA and AIKA launch Web 3 training

Web 3 on the board – I’IESA arts&culture (Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts) is launching, in partnership with AIKAa pioneering metaverse platform in the field of Art and Tech, the first training in Europe dedicated to metaverse et al’art. Thus, while the notions of Web 3, NFT, blockchain and metaverse settle quietly at the desk, lights on these courses of a new kind, future-oriented, and guaranteeing real opportunities to IESA students.


The IESA is getting into the Web 3 era

With this new program, the IESA wishes to allow its undergraduate (BAC + 3) and Master (BAC + 5) students to explore the tools of web 3 and apply them to their area of ​​expertise:art. Different courses will then be offered around the NFTof the blockchainof Web 3but also cryptocurrencies. It will therefore be a question of understanding their uses for the purchase and sale of digital works of art, for example.

Beyond this enriching development for the training of its students, it is certain that the still embryonic web 3 industry is growing, and the work sector in this universe is in full development. This training will therefore also allow IESA students to seize the job opportunities present in this sector.

Discover the works of IESA students in the metaverse.  The school is also doing a new training around the professions of Art and the metaverse.
The IESA metaverse in partnership with AIKA

The teaching will be masterfully led by Aimie Ferry-Sauvaire And Karen Levyco-founders ofAIKAwhich also hosts the IESA in its metaverse in order to allow practical workshops and from there exhibit works and works students. Like many artists who have already made the leap from the metaverse and the NFTs, the IESA therefore offers state-recognized training, in English, in symbiosis with the times and aligned with the future.

“We have been working with the IESA for 4 years now. We are delighted to be able to share our passion with the students and guide them into the future of art. We wanted to bring a digital dimension to their training and educate them on this essential subject in art today. »

Karen Levy

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In detail, the program therefore consists of 4 open modules optional to all students of theIESA :

  • Performing Arts (cultural production): training in the specificities of the performing arts through theoretical and practical courses. The goal? “Create, produce and promote a cultural event” ;
  • Contemporary Art Sales, Display, Collecting (art market): comprehensive training on the contemporary art market;
  • Bachelor in ArtsManagement (cultural management and communication): the development of professional skills applied to the management of the visual arts;
  • Art & Luxury Management (art and luxury market): in the heart of Paris, in the 11ᵉ arrondissement, museums and other auction houses will hold no secrets for you in this immersive course in the art and luxury market. luxury.
  • More information here.

By 2024, the IESA wishes to continue to advance these different courses by developing its own metaverse. This window of the school would be a playground for its students and would allow the exhibition of their works.

“Art is also evolving through digital technology. Today, the sector is renewing itself, and we wanted our students to fully immerse themselves in these futuristic galleries to give an even broader dimension to their training. It was important to us to develop our partnership with AIKA to give more importance to digital technology for our students»

Cynthia Cervantes, Head of the International Department at IESA

Like the recent training on the mechanisms of decentralized finance offered to Paris-Dauphinethis IESA initiative follows the direction of the wind and is part of an awareness of the student world: the tools of tomorrow are the web 3there blockchain and the limitless creative possibilities that they can afford. So don’t wait any longer, “Let yourself be tempted, enter the Metaverse with the IESA and AIKA! »

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