“NFTMe” – Amazon explains NFTs through a documentary series

Educate through a didactic series – The NFT are honored in the documentary series broadcast on AmazonPrime, produced by Tech Talk Media and award-winning director Jonny Caplan. This didactic film, the shooting of which began in 2019, contributes to the democratization of NFTs among an audience that is not necessarily aware of the developments and opportunities that web3 offers.

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An educational series on NFTs

In six 30-minute episodes, the news Amazon documentary series, “NFTMe”analyzes the NFT from different anglesparticularly under those of the actors involved, but also in relation to the changes they induce for different artistic practices.

Although the format is original, in substance, NFTMe deals with classic issues relating to NFTs. During the various episodes, artists and collectors from different countries explain how the rapprochement between art and technology has impacted their daily lives.

The series also features the fifty industry pioneers, spread over four continents. The American singer Susaye Greene of the Supreme, or Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of the Democratic Republic of Congo are among these first personalities who have plunged into the sector.

Amazon tells us about NFT

In the first episode, major influencers analyze NFTs as well as blockchain technology. Queen Diambi Kabatusuila evokes the web3 mentality of her tribe.

The second episode focuses on the birth of some NFTslike how digital artist Refik Anadol created digital art with NASA.

Amazon launches NFTMe series to democratize NFTs to laypeople
NFT education contributes to the democratization of the web3

The following episodes finally address the NFT challenges for brands and use cases in industries other than graphic art, such as tokenization in music. Additionally, these episodes feature thesocial impact of this digital mutation, the disruption that the metaverse generates or the place of NFTs to allow artists to express themselves.

In the penultimate episode, CrossTower co-founder Kristin Boggiano talks about the role of regulation in the NFT markets.

Due to its didactic nature, the series makes it possible, among other things, to open web3 doors to more people, at a time when NFT are still presented as a emerging sector. Initially, “NFTMe” aired in the US and UK. Nevertheless, according to Tech Talk, the series will be broadcast in the whole world and with other distributors in 2023.

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