NGRAVE: is your crypto wallet safe?

NGRAVE: is your crypto wallet safe?

Hackers, you will not pass! – Is your use of a hardware wallet risk-free? Are you safe from potential crypto theft? NGRAVE, the famous startup behind the hardware wallet ZERO offers you a fun little MCQ to check your good practices. All the details.


With NGRAVE, do your own crypto audit

Are they hidden? Are they safe? As Gandalf said to Frodo Baggins at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, the custody of your cryptos must be your burden. And NGRAVE, in hardware wallet wizardoffers to help you.

According to the company, more than $30 billion in crypto have been stolen so far. A staggering sum that demonstrates the caution that must be yours when it comes to protecting your cryptomonetary treasure. And for that, the best way remains the hardware walletOr ” cold wallet “. A physical object disconnected from the internet to which only a password allows access. A password that only you have. A sentence pass of 24 very precious words that NGavre offers you to engrave forever on their plate GRAPHENEfire resistant.

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However, if such a tool provides optimal protection, it does not dispense with good practices. A hygienic use that NGRAVE proposes to check with you through a Quick MCQ of 4 minutes top time. An audit of yourself and your habits vis-à-vis exchange platforms and your various digital wallets. A way to check if you put the odds on your side in your daily practices to ensure the protection of your cryptos.

Protect your cryptos while trying to win $15,000 with NGRAVE

To top it off, NGRAVE offers you to win a prize of $15,000 the key through their Twitter communication.

NGRAVE offers to accompany you in a security audit of your crypto habits – Source: Twitter

Complex, expensive, off-putting… The purchase of a hardware wallet like that of NGRAVE is often postponed until tomorrow. By newcomers to the crypto sector but also by the most experienced. However, this is the ultimate barrier against attempted theft or hacks.

We can never repeat it enough, the cryptos held on the exchanges are not really your cryptos. Just like the money deposited in your checking account and your passbooks actually belongs to the bank. And that is the whole philosophy of crypto. Hold your own money. This task comes, indeed, with a responsibility. That of protecting him before that a disaster does not happen. As a wise old man would say, all we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.

As you have understood, protecting your cryptographic assets is a necessity, as the pitfalls are numerous and the hackers determined. To check that your nuggets are safe, start by respond to this personal audit that Ngrave offers you. And if it’s not done yet, don’t hesitate to buy a hardware wallet to store your cyptos, and enjoy -10% until March 6 with the code SSA-JDC (commercial link)

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