North Korea: “respiratory disease” forces Pyongyang to confine itself

North Korea: "respiratory disease" forces Pyongyang to confine itself

North Korea respiratory disease forces Pyongyang to confine itself

Quoting sources in Pyongyang, the specialized site, NK News, established in Seoul, had affirmed Tuesday that the inhabitants of the largest North Korean city seemed to be stocking up in anticipation of a possible confinement. It is unclear whether other territories are affected by similar lockdowns and state media has not announced any new measures.

According to the text, the common cold is among the new diseases that are currently spreading in the capital. The Korean Peninsula is currently in the throes of what meteorologists describe as a Siberian cold snap, with temperatures in Pyongyang dropping as low as -22C.

The measure, however, appears to be the first city-wide taken since the country declared victory over Covid-19 in August 2022, as neighboring China faces a wave of infections after it put an end to its drastic “zero Covid” policy. If North Korea has strictly closed its borders since the start of the pandemic, it authorizes certain exchanges with China.

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