“Nurses”, “snipers” or “saboteurs”: Wagner also covets women

A Russian official attacked in the Central African Republic, Wagner accuses France |  TF1 NEWS

A Russian official attacked in the Central African Republic Wagner

A request to which Evguéni Prigojine responded favorably, saying “absolutely agree” with this option. “Not only as nurses or operators, but also in groups of saboteurs or in sniper teams”he said, however, in a response published by his press service on VK. “We all know that this has already been done massively.” The leader of the Wagners was obviously referring to women snipers and those present in the partisan groups who fought in the Second World War and who were promoted by Soviet propaganda. “We are working in this direction. There is resistance, but I think we will overcome it”added the one who is sometimes nicknamed the “cook of Poutine”,

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