OKX: back to normal after a few hours of anxiety

The fear of an FTX 2.0 dispelled for now – Right now, the slightest Technical problem can give rise to movements of social media panic in an ecosystem that is still suffering from post-traumatic stress due to FTX. The slightest spark triggers violent and epidermal reactions, as shown by the reactions after the platform is blocked OKX for a few hours because of a cloud incident. Back to the facts!


A few hours of panic for OKX users

“The funds are safe” or how a phrase meant to reassure users will trigger just the opposite. Used by Sam Bankman-Fried during the collapse of his platform, these few words will now ring very false for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. L’exchange OKX used this formula during the night of December 18 to 19 in an attempt to put an end to a beginning of angst on Twitter after the blockage of its platform.

Users started to complain inability to log into their accounts, blocked transactions and even suddenly zero balances. Collapse ? Bankruptcy ? Hack? All hypotheses circulate at the speed of a tweet. Finally, the reason is much less sensational. It is simply a problem techniques with services of clouds of the platform.

More fear than harm for the OKX exchange and its users who were unable to access their accounts for a few hours due to a cloud outage at Alibaba Cloud.
OKX announces the outage and apologizes for the inconvenience – Source: Twitter

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A cloud-related issue causing the exchange to crash

And to be completely complete, these are the services ofAlibaba Cloud in the Hong Kong region, which were lacking overnight for approximately 7 hours. Cryptocurrency exchange communicated during crisis, posting updates from Alibaba and attempting to give approximate end blocking times.

Return to normal expected at OKX after the outage at Alibaba Cloud for a few hours.  The funds are safe and activities will resume in the coming hours.
A return to normal announced by OKX services – Source: Twitter

Finally, the December 19 in the morningOKX announced a return to normal via a communicated published on its website and widely shared on its social networks. More fear than harm for a breakdown that will have awakened the old demons of cryptophiles.

Platform users can be relieved, as there is no problem with their funds. OKX does, however, offer contact customer service for those who had orders in progress and who feel aggrieved by the few hours of interruption. End of the OKX episode and return to the heart of the news with the latest twists in the FTX saga !

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