Organize and make a success of your student party without any incident

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Higher education is not limited to courses, revisions and exams… it is also THE time for meetings and student parties!

Socializing, sharing, having fun, celebrating, dancing… Organizing a student party requires special preparation, especially if you want it to go well.

Here are the essentials so that no incident can spoil the party!

HEYME accident pack: insurance to cover your injuries at a low price

A student party, it’s declared!

Far from being an ordinary evening with friends, the student evening is supposed to welcome a large audience, to offer the sale of drinks and entertainment, all this in compliance with the legislation, of course.

So, before considering organizing your event, you need to get closer to an existing student association or to create one then declare it to the prefecture. The association must be composed of at least two people.

Surround yourself well and distribute tasks

The organization of a student party is far from being as easy as it seems, mobilizing a team of motivated friends with a certain know-how is necessary.

With your group, you can set up a schedule to manage the logistics required by this kind of event. Everyone will be delegated a specific task: reservation of the place, distribution of flyers, organization of security, management of drinks, prevention stand….

Do not hesitate to regularly check in with your team to assess the progress of the preparations.

Communication is the main tool for anticipating the unexpected!

Reflect on the consumer offer

As an organizer, you also have to think about the drinks offers: alcoholnon-alcoholic cocktails, energy drinks, soft drinks, mineral water…

If you organize your student party via an association, you will need to obtain municipal authorization to set up a drinking establishment. Drinks must belong to the category I (without alcohol) and category III (wine, beer, champagne, cider…), category IV drinks (whisky, rum…) are not allowed.

Do not forget that the overconsumption of alcohol carries real risks and that it can very quickly lead to excesses and accidents. It is your responsibility as organizer that is engaged.

The distribution of alcohol will have to be thought out and supervised, do not hesitate to take certain measures such as:

  • Limit the installation of stalls in order to regulate alcohol consumption
  • Delay the service of alcoholic beverages
  • Hire competent and responsible bartenders who use measuring cups
  • Provide a limited stock of alcohol
  • Offer water and food (sandwiches, cakes, etc.)
  • Do not serve heavily alcoholic or intoxicated people

Think safety and first aid

To ensure the smooth running of your student party, a security device is mandatory to control inappropriate behavior.

If you plan to organize your student party in a room, remember to check that it has a permanent fire and rescue authorization. Otherwise, a request of this kind must be made to the town hall, at least one month, before the planned date of your evening.

By following a PSC1 trainingyou will be able to master the basic first aid gestures to be able to deal with situations such as discomfort, trauma, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest…

This training, lasting 8 hours, does not require any prerequisites or special knowledge. Some universities and schools, in partnership with associations, offer free or discounted training, given by certified instructors.

Check with your institution for more information.

Monitor departures

The goal of your student party is for the participants to have a good time and keep good memories. To achieve this objective, prevention must be done by promoting responsible behavior! For example, you can offer drivers a charter of commitment. By signing it, they agree to be the party captains and not to consume alcohol during the whole party.

The distribution of breathalyzers at the time of departure accompanied by an explanatory note concerning its mode of use is also useful.

Also remember to communicate information on the other means of transport available: taxis, transport cars with driver (VTC)…

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Last Verdict

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