Our advice for your couple to resist confinement

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For the past few days we have been talking a lot about the hell of parents confined to their homes with their children… But what about the couples who will have to support each other day and night in 20m2?

We may love each other very strongly, but living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in contact with your partner promises to be sporty!

So how to take care of each other, not to hate each other and to love each other again and again?

For your couple to survive this complicated period and not end the confinement by no longer being able to kill you, here are some tips to take very seriously!

Reclaim space

An exceptional situation, exceptional reorganization. You will have to learn to live and share a lot more time with your other half and it is important to lay the foundations for this new mode of operation. Everyone has different fears, needs and desires, you have to accept it, it’s normal. It’s up to you to establish rules and a structured routine to meet everyone’s expectations. For example, if you are teleworking, organize yourself so as not to disturb each other and leave enough room for the other person.

Reserve time alone

The days are going to be long and even with a lot of love no one is made to live together for so long. So we organize moments alone, we isolate ourselves, we go out shopping each in turn and we accept the other’s need for solitude. Try not to be glued to your partner all day. Save time just for you, to read, take a bath, call your family…

HEYME wellness package

Organize aperitifs in video with your friends

Technology is wonderful and allows us to stay connected with our loved ones in these difficult times. Facetime, Whatsapp… there are many solutions available to you to schedule a video chat with your friends and share a fun time remotely together. Normally you would never have done this, so now is the time to experiment with a new concept and participate in the collective effort to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

You can even organize a blind test to have fun and change your mind!

Do projects together

In this time of great uncertainty, making plans remains the best solution to get away from it all. Projecting yourself into the future is essential to keep your spirits up. A couple needs prospects and promises to hold on! So, we ask ourselves and we make plans for the future: travel, restaurant, dance lessons… It’s time to take stock of your couple and plan activities that you had put aside.

Start a spring cleaning

The sun is pointing the tip of its nose, summer time is coming… the signals of the great spring cleaning are there. We’re not going to lie to each other, it feels good, but we always push it back a little (a lot). So, with the confinement no more excuses, it’s the perfect time to take care of it. We sort, we wash, we put aside the winter things and we install the summer ones. With your other half, you can also take the opportunity to revamp your interior by changing the furniture, for example. An activity that will have the merit of keeping you busy and active for several hours.

Continue to take care of yourself

Clearly, just because you’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and anyway you won’t see anyone all day, doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go hanging out in your pajamas. At least not every day! This is important for your morale but also for your partner. So we keep the rhythm, we go to the shower, we do our hair, we brush our teeth and we even dress to stay on the couch.

You can schedule a “face mask” evening to give a little boost to your locked-up skin at home.

Learn to communicate

And if this situation was an opportunity to discuss as at the beginning? To rediscover and discuss subjects that are too often overlooked or forgotten? The other is a being full of surprises of which you still have many things to discover. Take the time to talk about the difficulties you have encountered, the happiness that the other brings on a daily basis and the way you see the future together. It’s time to reveal yourself and give yourself a little more.

Rediscover your sexuality

Confinement would stimulate our desire. This is what the increase in sales of sex toys and condoms suggests. Sometimes routine and lack of time make sex automatic. We tend to forget that it is above all a moment of shared pleasure. What could be better than getting together for several days to rediscover yourself and get out of your skills? You must not be afraid to ask the other what he/she likes, the caresses he/she likes or the words that stir up his/her excitement… Dare to reinvent yourself!

Courage, it will!

The HEYME wellness package

With the Wellness Pack, HEYME gives you a boost to help you take care of yourself!

Because sport, alternative medicine, nutrition, dietetics, psychological listening and prevention are essential for well-being, HEYME takes care of you physically and mentally by reimbursing you €150 of packages for only €4.5 /month.

Sports package

A key player in health and well-being among young people, HEYME reimburses your sporting activity up to a maximum of €30/year for membership of:

  • A sports club
  • A sports association
  • A gym
  • A sporting event

Alternative medicine package

Because the health and well-being of young people are among its priorities, HEYME offers an alternative medicine package for a consultation in osteopathy, sophrology, acupuncture, kinesiology, therapeutic hypnosis, chiropractic or etiopathy and a psychological consultation package for €40/year, limited to 2 consultations of €20/year each.

Health and well-being prevention package up to €80 per year

Aware that the daily life of young people goes far beyond medical appointments, HEYME offers you the health and well-being prevention package up to 80€/year. This package includes:

  • the package helps to quit smoking: nicotine substitute, patch, gum, lozenge up to €30/year;
  • the parapharmacy body care package: massage oil, clay, tape, strapping… up to €20/year;
  • the dietary and nutritional package, innovative coaching with OVIVA: 1 teleconsultation and 2 weeks of ultra-personalized follow-up up to €30/year.

Your well-being with the health pack at only €4.5/month!

👉 HEYME wellness package

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