Patriot, Rattlesnake, IRIS-T… Ukraine consolidates its anti-aircraft defense

Patriot, Rattlesnake, IRIS-T... Ukraine consolidates its anti-aircraft defense

Patriot Rattlesnake IRIS T Ukraine consolidates its anti aircraft defense

Still, the diversity of the systems soon to be deployed in Ukraine should make it possible to create a “anti-aircraft shield” over Ukraine, as Volodymyr Zelensky demanded. Because they will make it possible to deploy a “multi-layered ground-to-air” defense, covering both short-range attacks at low altitude, medium-range attacks at medium altitude, and long-range attacks at high altitude. These three levels should make it possible to protect Ukrainian strategic objectives, such as large cities, key infrastructures or centers of power, against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or even drones.

“There is a clear existential interest for Ukraine to have all types of air defense, linked to the fact that Russia is constantly bombarding Ukrainian territory with Russian missiles using various sources of fire”, underlines to AFP Viktoriya Fedorchak, a Ukrainian researcher working for the Swedish Defense College. “If there was a system available that could cover the entire territory of Ukraine, obviously that would be an ideal scenario.” In the meantime, the diversity of the systems supplied”is the reality with which we must deal and from which we must make the most”.

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