Petale launches Vortex: a bridge between traditional finance and asset tokenization

Let’s dive into the heart of the Vortex web 3! – A new economic paradigm seems to be emerging. A finance that is reinventing itself, driven by a revolutionary concept: asset tokenization. And the professionals were not mistaken. Lately, the bridges between traditional finance and decentralized finance are multiplying. A footbridge, what am I saying… A real Vortexa brand new blockchain imagined by the Petale teams in which we are going to dive today.


With Vortex, Petale propels finance into another dimension

There tokenization or how to invest simply and at internet speed in assets from around the world. This digitization of finance is booming. A technological explosion within which Petale deploys its expertise. Expertise at the service of investors from the traditional world so that they can easily access this new kind of economy: the asset tokenizationvia its brand new platform regulated: Vortex.

The Vortex blockchain enables traditional financial players to access DeFi and asset tokenization.
Vortex! the fusion of traditional finance and tokenization

More than just a platform, Vortex is a decentralized blockchain, fast, secure and eco-responsible. A blockchain dedicated to managing financial flows and tokenizing tangible real-world assets. A blockchain EVMso compatible with Ethereumof which the testnet has just been spear. The idea behind Petale’s project? Allow quick and easy access for investors, asset managers and financial institutions to create, trade and interact with this new class of tokenized assets. Everything is done through gamified experiences within an audited ecosystem.

The concept of Vortex consists neither more nor less of transporting billions ofilliquid assets on the blockchain so that they can navigate and exchange almost instantaneously. To do this, Vortex relies on the valuable experience of the Petale teams. Experts specialized in satellite communications, encryption solutions for aviation, space telemetry or cloud infrastructure and broadband networks (3G, 4G).

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When traditional finance is passionate about DeFi

On the other hand, the Vortex blockchain, built to support more than 50 million transactions per day, is based on a system of nodes (network nodes) any particular. Indeed, they are constantly adapting to demand. In the event of congestion, the capacity of a network node can be multiplied by 30. Like the lungs of a living organism, the nodes of the Vortex blockchain breathe as it is used. Nodes to which future validators, carefully selected organizations, can already apply to be part of this living network.

In fact, this demand-adjusted operation is oriented towards control of energy consumption of this brand new blockchain and the optimal reduction of its carbon footprint.

The era of paper is well and truly buried with theemergence of tokenization of which Petale, via its Vortex platform, is the standard bearer. While in the traditional world, the management of financial assets is built in silos, slow and expensive, that of digital is much more open. This new frictionless, decentralized economy is now at your fingertips.

Petale with its Vortex blockchain makes it possible to tokenize real-world assets and offer a gamified experience to investors.
Tokenized assets in your hands via Petale Cards, the gamification of your investor experience on Vortex

Ultimately, Petale, with its footbridge Vortexmeets the best of both worlds. On the one hand, a DeFi (decentralized finance) under construction, risky, in which the protection mechanisms are not yet optimal. On the other hand, a TradFi (traditional finance) which, via Petale, will be able to collect dividends from new gamified mechanisms of asset tokenization. In the end, Petale unveils a totally innovative investment concept that we like a little, a lot, passionately, madly. Obviously !

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Last Verdict

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