Pokemon, soon in the NFT adventure?

Last year, Nintendo’s president said he saw potential in the metaverse. By being patient, the Pokémon Company was able to see theevolution of the NFT market throughout 2022 and a year later, the Pokémon Company posts a job posting that requires knowledge of Web3, NFT, and Metaverse.


Businesses facing the challenge of play to earn (P2E)

The end of a long reflection? – Although the widespread enthusiasm of various companies around the world for NFTs has somewhat exhausted, preparations and experiments continue to see the light of day.

For example, in November 2022, Sony filed a patent to “track unique and in-game digital assets using tokens on a distributed ledger”. Before Sony, other companies like Atari have thrown in the towel and Axie Infinity is turning its model towards a free and accessible system.

Faced with the challenge of play to earn and its problem of the zero-sum game, caution now seems to be in order. After fundraising $300 million by Niantic (the metaverse project carried by the creator of Pokemon Go), in February 2022, the president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about the concept of metaverse.

During this interview, he announced that he saw potential in virtual worlds but did not think it was possible at this time to communicate “the Nintendo approach” properly.

metaverse Play to earn Pikachu Dystopie

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A job offer for Corporate Development Principal

On March 11, 2023, the Pokémon Company released a job offer of Corporate Development Principal on his profile LinkedIn. And, after the many tasks and heavy responsibilities demanded by this position, it is necessary to have with you a “Thorough knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain and NFT technologies, and/or metaverse.”

It is within a much more global framework that this recruitment takes place and therefore does not indicate much about the direction that the Pokemon Company. That said, the notion of NFT is now included in the knowledge required for a position of such high responsibility! Depending on the professional background, the base salary will range from $150,000 to $224,000 per year without bonuses.

This indirect confirmation from Nintendo disappointed some fans, but it is clear that their interest in the immersive and community experiences is always present.

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Last Verdict

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