Qatargate in the European Parliament: Eva Kaili’s partial confession at hearing

Suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament: Eva Kaili, the fall of an elected official with a meteoric rise

Suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament Eva Kaili the

“I was aware of Mr. Panzeri’s activities”, this former Italian MEP also arrested, admitted Eva Kaili, according to the minutes consulted by the Italian newspaper. “And I knew that at home there were suitcases full of money”, she continued, this time targeting her companion and assistant to the European Parliament, Francesco Giorgi. A week ago, his lawyer claimed the opposite.

It’s because since then, Francesco Giorgi has acknowledged his participation to this vast corruption scandal which affects the European Parliament by admitting to having accepted bribes from Doha to influence parliamentary decisions with regard to Qatar. And sought at the same time to exonerate his companion from any responsibility. At the home of the couple as well as that of Antonio Panzeri, 1.5 million euros in cash was found by the investigators.

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