Rain of fire on Ukraine, Moldova at the heart of tensions… Update on the situation

Rain of fire on Ukraine, Moldova at the heart of tensions... Update on the situation

Rain of fire on Ukraine Moldova at the heart of

The tension is rising a notch in Moldova. Pro-Russian separatists in Transnistria, a self-proclaimed independent republic not recognized by the UN, have accused Ukraine of wanting to carry out an attack in Tiraspol. Kyiv’s objective, according to them: “eliminate” their leaders and make “a large number of victims”. “I have already instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to prepare statements to all members of the UN Security Council. (…) We will call (them) to examine this situation and ensure our safety”, said in Russian the leader of the separatists, Vadim Krasnoselskiï. Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean said “not having confirmation” of these allegations, while the Ukrainian security services (SBU) denounced a “provocation orchestrated by the Kremlin” to further destabilize neighboring Ukraine.

Russia has the means to wage war at the current rate for two years. This is what Lithuania, a member of the European Union, NATO and one of the main supporters of Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, maintains. “Russia accumulated weapons and equipment during the long years of the Cold War”assured the head of military intelligence, Elegijus Paulavicius. “We estimate that its resources allow it to continue the war with the same intensity as today for two years”he added, on condition that no foreign country provides military aid to Moscow.

Warsaw kept its promise to kyiv. Through the voice of its Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland announced that it had “Already” delivered to Ukraine the 10 additional Leopard 2A4 tanks that had been promised. “We are talking about a battalion of heavy tanks which, in the case of Poland, have already been delivered, and in the case of our allies, will be delivered to Ukraine very soonWarsaw had promised at the end of January to send a total of 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev and the first four had already been delivered on February 24, the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. “In addition to the 14 Polish Leopard tanks, there are also eight Canadian tanks in this battalion, eight Norwegian tanks and also six Spanish tanks”he added.

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