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HEYME World pass international travel insurance

Since June 9, 2021, the flow of travelers between France and foreign countries has been reopened according to procedures which vary according to the health situation of third countries and the traveller’s vaccination status.

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? That’s good, you will find in this article all the information related to the flow of travelers to leave with complete peace of mind.

Reopening of borders

Based on health indicators, a classification of countries was defined on June 17, 2021. The lists of countries are adjusted according to the evolution of the health situation.

Classification of countries based on health indicators

  • “Green” countries: countries that have no active virus circulation or variants of concern.
  • “Orange” countries: countries in which there is active circulation of the virus in controlled proportions, without the spread of worrying variants.
  • “Red” countries: countries in which active circulation of the virus is observed with the presence of worrying variants.

To travel abroad, it is necessary to find out beforehand about any restrictions applied by the countries of destination.
It is strongly advised not to travel to the “red countries”.

HEYME World pass international travel insurance

Travel overseas

The health situation has improved significantly overseas. Guyana has deployed additional means for vaccination.

To go overseas, it is mandatory to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours before boarding. It is essential to respect barrier gestures to prevent the circulation of variants.

For overseas flights: due to the local health situation, compelling reasons are imposed on departure and arrival. The airlines and the Border Police check the supporting documents.

For international flights: restrictions are decided locally by state representatives or competent authorities.

Traveling in the European Union

To travel in the countries of the European Union, it is not mandatory to justify a reason for travel, on the other hand, you must do tests beforehand.

From July 1, the sanitary pass will be recognized for travel within the European area, in the form of a European certificate.

This certificate includes:

  • proof of vaccination;
  • a negative test result;
  • or proof of Covid recovery less than 6 months old.

Proof of vaccination

Proof of vaccination is only valid if you have a complete vaccination schedule, i.e.:

  • 2 weeks after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
  • 4 weeks after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson);
  • 2 weeks after the injection for vaccines in people who have already been infected with Covid-19 (only 1 injection is necessary).

Once you have collected your vaccination certificate in paper version, you can scan the QR Code on the right to import it and store it in your phone, thanks to the TousAntiCovid Carnet application.

Proof of a negative test of less than 48 hours for the “activities” health pass and maximum 72 hours for the “borders” health pass

All RT-PCR and antigen tests generate evidence that you must present when boarding or when you show up at an event or establishment.
The validity periods of the 48h or 72h tests relate to the time of boarding or entering the event site.

The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test attesting to the cure of Covid-19, dating back at least 15 days and less than 6 months.

Positive RT-PCR or antigen tests dating back at least 15 days and less than 6 months indicate a limited risk of reinfection with Covid-19.

The health pass

Covid-19 health pass - HEYME Worldpass

Why a health pass?

Available in paper and digital format, the health pass has been used since June 9, 2021 to allow an increase in the number of people authorized in certain gatherings, events and establishments open to the public.

Indeed, France is committed to reopening certain establishments and the mobilization of the health pass aims to secure the resumption of activities which bring together a large number of people, which therefore represents a higher risk of the spread of Covid-19.

As part of the reopening of borders, the health pass is a tool that facilitates border crossings, especially since most countries currently require the presentation of a vaccination certificate, proof of a recent negative test or proof of recovery from Covid-19.

The use of the health pass is now legally authorized, by the health crisis exit management law, until September 30, 2021.

The terms of the health pass

The health pass includes two devices:

The “activities” health pass

As part of the national reopening plan, the “activities” health pass makes it possible to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, to minimize the probability of contamination in risky situations while allowing the gradual reopening of certain activities or places.

The “borders” health pass

As part of the European green certificate and health control at the borders, the “borders” health pass makes it possible to secure entry to metropolitan territory and facilitate the implementation of health control measures at the borders.

States are free to establish their own health measures: quarantine, tests, etc.

How does the health pass work?

The health pass allows you to:

  • check vaccination status;
  • the result of a negative test;
  • or a person’s certificate of reinstatement.

For example, it allows access to a gathering or an event of more than 1,000 people or to the territory of a country.

You can use the health pass in digital format via the Carnet functionality of the TousAntiCovid application, or in paper format by presenting your vaccination certificate or your RT-PCR test directly.

From what age is the health pass required?

The health pass is required from 11 years old.

For children (minimum age depends on country to country), proof of negative RT-PCR or antigen test or proof of recovery from Covid-19 is required.
From mid-June, with the opening of vaccination for children aged 12 to 18, the pass can also present a complete vaccination schedule.

HEYME WorldPass: the international health insurance par excellence

To cope with the often very high hospitalization costs and health expenses abroad, the ideal is to take out international health insurance such as the HEYME World pass. This type of insurance offers you complete cover for unexpected treatment at its actual cost, direct reimbursement in the event of hospitalization with the medical establishment, as well as medical assistance and repatriation.

And in the event of Covid-19, how does it work?

In the event of Covid-19, HEYME Worldpass guarantees you 100% coverage of your health expenses and offers you:

  • direct payment of your hospitalization costs;
  • the payment of your expenses beyond €750 directly with the healthcare professional;
  • coverage of medical and hospitalization costs related to the 2019 Coronavirus disease if you are a student between 16 and 35 years old;

With HEYME Worldpass, you will not advance any costs except for routine consultations or the purchase of medication.

👉 HEYME World pass international travel insurance

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