Road accidents: the reflexes to adopt

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Fatigue, a careless mistake, a badly managed excess speed? Road accidents are often linked to minor carelessness. But since you’re a responsible driver, do you have the right reflexes to get by with minimal damage? Do we take stock?

What to do in the event of a road accident

To avoid aggravating the situation, there are measures to take, especially if you are involved in the accident. Even if there is no damage, you MUST stop! Remember: failing to stop after an accident is a hit-and-run.

Golden Rule : Try to stay as calm as possible, it’s normal to be shaken up after an accident and take the time to breathe deeply so you don’t lose your temper.

What to do :

  • Stop the engine and turn on the hazard warning lights.
  • Check that you weren’t hurt.
  • If it is a minor collision and there are no injuries, take notes, in case the other person tries to claim compensation for an injury that did not exist at the time of the accident.
  • Communicate your name and address to everyone involved if the accident caused damage or injury.
  • Exchange information and insurance details with other drivers.
  • Verify that the other driver is the registered owner of the vehicle. It could be, for example, a service car.

When to call the police in a traffic accident?

There are situations where the presence of the police authorities is essential. In some cases, the police must be notified within 24 hours of the accident. Otherwise, the person can be fined.

So you call the police if:

  • The other driver(s) leave the scene without giving details.
  • There are injuries.
  • You think the other driver has no insurance or is drunk or under the influence of drugs.
  • You suspect the other driver deliberately caused the collision.

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What should I record at the scene of the traffic accident?

You should remember to record the make, model, color and license plate of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident. You can also use your phone to take photos of the scene, the position of the vehicles and the damage caused.

Records time and date of accident, and driving conditions, including weather, lighting and road quality.

If there are witnesses, remember to take their names and contact details and note any injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

In case you have caused damage to a parked car, you will have to leave your details, otherwise you may have serious problems.

Finally, call your insurance company as soon as possible, ideally right after the accident.

Things not to do in a road accident!

To help the injured, there are rules to respect so as not to aggravate their condition:

  • Do not give to drink
  • Do not move the injured person, except in case of risk (car fire)
  • Do not transport the injured person in his vehicle
  • Do not pull on his limbs and avoid twisting his spine
  • Never remove the helmet of an injured motorcyclist
  • Do not put your own life in danger
  • Never use water to extinguish a vehicle fire
  • Never lift the hood of the car

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