Rollups on Bitcoin? Rollkit unveils its new solution

Rollkit offers a whole range of modules to allow developers to customize their rollups

Rollups on Bitcoin – Despite the years, Bitcoin remains the queen of cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain has many technical limitations. Faced with the rise of rollups on Ethereum, developers have undertaken to bring the concept of rollups to Bitcoin.


Rollkit: the framework for modular rollups

February 21, Joseph Al-Shami And Alex Beckett of Celestia Labs unveiled Rollkit : a modular framework for rollups.

“Rollkit is a modular rollup framework that gives developers the freedom to deploy rollups across the modular stack, opening up new possibilities for rapid experimentation and innovation. »

The objective of Rollkit is simple: to facilitate the deployment of rollups. To do this, Rollkit aims to develop a suite of modules that will allow developers to quickly deploy rollups.

In addition, Rollkit wants to allow developers to customize each of the modules to choose:

  • The environment runtime (EVM, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm or FuelVM);
  • The sequencer (Centralized, decentralized, sequencer as a service);
  • The proof scheme (without proof, fraud proof or zk proof);
  • The type of rollup (Sovereign, settlement or settled).
Rollkit offers a whole range of modules to allow developers to customize their rollups
Different modules offered by Rollkit.

This tool could prove to be central in the years to come. Indeed, more and more rollup solutions are deployed. The use of such a suite of tools would greatly reduce rollup development time.

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Rollups on Bitcoin?

Two weeks after the first announcement, the Rollkit teams returned to the charge with major news.

Thus, on March 5, the Rollkit teams announced support for sovereign rollups on Bitcoin.

“Today we are proud to announce that Rollkit is the first rollup framework to support sovereign rollups on Bitcoin. A first research implementation allows Rollkit rollups to use Bitcoin for data availability. »

This feat was made possible by the taproot update deployment on Bitcoin in November 2021. Taproot helped increase the size of data stored in a transaction from 80 bytes to 4MB.

Therefore, many projects have started using this feature to provide new uses for bitcoin. We can mention in particular the project Ordinals and its NFTs.

For its part, Rollkit has used this storage expansion to make Bitcoin a data availability layer (data availability). As a result, developers can now deploy Bitcoin rollups that operate their own execution and settlement environment while offloading consensus and data availability to Bitcoin.

Some disagreements within the community

Although the innovation offered by Rollkit may make our eyes shine, this one is still far from perfect. As some netizens have noted,sovereign rollups are not real rollups or real L2s.

Rollkit's value proposition is far from unanimous.  Evidenced by this tweet from Ryan Berckmans who expresses his opinion on this project.
Ryan Berckmans exposes his opinion on Rollkit – Source: Twitter.

In effect, this type of rollup does not use layer 1 as the settlement layer to determine the status and validity of its own chain. Instead, the channel status East determined by network nodes rollup.

Thus, unlike zk or Optimistic rollups, sovereign rollupsdo not inherit security from the underlying chain. It is common that such chains are not considered as true layer 2 but rather as side chains.

For its part, the Lighting Network, another layer 2 of Bitcoin, could see its capacities increased tenfold. In effect, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has just launched a new company called “C=” which will have the mission of growing the LN .

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Last Verdict

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