Rugby and NFT: Oval3 opens the scoring this Wednesday 21 at 8 p.m.

Oval3 is selling 31 NFT cards of pro top 14 and pro D2 players

Rugby, NFT, Oval3! – We told you about it a little while ago., the national rugby league enters the Web3 field by partnering with Oval3. Today, Wednesday, December 21 from 8 p.m., the first series of collectible NFT cards will be generated on the official website. More than just digital items, they are associated with a game mechanic now well known to sports and crypto fans. The first official project of “Fantasy Rugby” thus sees the light of day. Will the essay be converted?

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Oval3.

Oval3, kick off

On December 21, 2022, you will therefore have the opportunity to acquire one of the very first official maps issued as part of the 2022/2023 season of the top 14. A unique and historic opportunity since Oval3 is launching its initiative under license from the National Rugby League. A partnership that begins today with 31 cards of emblematic players of the French championship.

Indeed, 30 clubs from the top 14 and pro D2 will bring one of their best players onto the Web3 pitch during this first season Oval3. In addition, regulars of NFT collections will not be surprised, since a rarity system organizes this original series of 31 cards. So these are 18 rare cards, 12 super rare cards and 1 unique card that will be generated and put on sale later!

Oval3 is selling 31 NFT cards of pro top 14 and pro D2 players
The NFT Oval3 cards represent a player per team of the top14 and pro D2 rugby championship

Cards with the effigy of champions

The sale will last 24 hours, from December 21 at 8 p.m. to December 22 at 8 p.m. It will be held under the auction system on the website The starting prices as well as certain advantages offered by the cards are already known:

  • Rare: $10 (Bonus: 2 tickets for a Rugby match)
  • Super Rare: $50 (Bonus: The jersey of the player on your card)
  • Single: $100 (Bonus: The jersey, 2 match tickets, a physical card and a meeting with the player! )

Profiles of players whose names are already known. We could put the complete list here but we prefer to give you 2 pieces of information which illustrate quite well the conquering spirit that emanates from the project. First of all, the official ambassador of Oval3 is simply The best player in the world ! The opening half of Toulouse and international Antoine Dupont will indeed be the spokesperson for the project, and is rewarded with a “Super rare” card which will be put up for auction.

Antoine Dupont is the best flyhalf in the world and the ambassador of the NFT rugby Oval3 project
Antoine Dupont is personally invested in the project as an ambassador

In addition, the profile of the unique card, long kept secret, is none other than Sofiane Guitoune! 33 years old, French international player playing at Stade Toulousain, he was winner of the Six Nations Under-20 Tournament in 2009, French Pro D2 champion in 2010 with Agen, French champion in 2019 and 2021 and European champion in 2021 with Toulouse. A colorful track record that deserved this distinction.

Compose your team and enter the fray

As you will have understood, this NFT approach and Web3 offers many more opportunities than just a collection of physical cards to be traded in the schoolyard. In their digital versions, they constitute the bases of a game of strategy and prognosis popularized for a few years under the name of “Fantasy Sport”. The principle is simple, you build your dream teamand based on the actual stats of each competing player, your team gets a score that defines your place and earnings in the week’s leaderboard.

1671606818 312 Rugby and NFT Oval3 opens the scoring this Wednesday 21
Fantasy rugby lets you use your cards to play and earn rewards

This is just one example among many others. There are various modes of competition, adapted to all profiles, to discover directly on the site. Game combinations that have been proven for a long time already since the official version of the NRL which takes shape today is the natural evolution of “Fantasy Rugby World”, a rich game of 35000 players edited by Bamg Sports.

>>Don’t miss the first sale of the NFT rugby Oval3 on December 21 at 8 p.m.<<

The company thus becomes one of the pillars of the adventure alongside other strategic partners in order to constitute a real dream-team capable of transforming the test. Thus, alongside the LNR and Bamg Sports, we find the Web3 incubator Pyratz Labs, the consulting company ERA2140, the communication agency Markchain as well as the law firm ORWL, specialist in crypto legislation.

The Oval3 project brought together a team of professionals from the French Web3 and NFT ecosystem
The Oval3 project is a whole team specialized in Web3 and NFT

To participate in the sale of Oval3 rugby NFTs, follow the guide

To allow as many participants as possible to get the precious digital cards, the site offers various ways to bid:

  1. The web wallet available on the OVAL3 website. A solution that allows the purchase of the necessary crypto by credit card, up to €350 in credit card and without KYC. Beyond this amount, identification will be mandatory.
  2. Your private Metamask or Coinbase wallet: Here, no need for KYC! You will only need wETH to bid and pay when you win an auction. To get it, the easiest way is to swap your ETH on Uniswap or 1inch

From there, as soon as the auction starts, you can connect to the site and follow the procedure:

Stage I

By clicking on “Bid”, you will be able to enter the amount of your bid. No transaction fees will be charged. You can then follow current and past offers live.

Stage II

When another user outbids, you can enter a new bid that is at least 10% higher than the current bid. There is no maximum amount.

Stage III

Thursday, December 22 at 8 p.m., if you are the highest bidder, you will need to approve the transaction using your wallet. Obviously, you will need enough wETH to approve and validate the transaction.

Transformed test! You are the proud owner of an NFT OVAL3 card visible directly on opensea or from your web wallet. For users who will not win auctions, no action is required.

As soon as the match ends, Thursday 22 at 8 p.m., it’s time for the 3rd half! It will take place on Twitch with the Diggers, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. We will find Antoine Dupont live, accompanied by the team Oval3, as well as many surprise guests. You can also find the broadcast live on the twitch of the Toulousain stadium. Don’t miss the opportunity to strap on the cleats with the champions!

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