“Self-coup”, deposed president, violent demonstrations: what is happening in Peru? | TF1 NEWS

"Self-coup", deposed president, violent demonstrations: what is happening in Peru?  |  TF1 NEWS

Self coup deposed president violent demonstrations what is happening in Peru

The coming to power of this Marxist from rural areas had stunned the entire capital, and frightened both political and economic circles. Pedro Castillo was the surprise elected from the deprived regions, and it took six weeks to recount the votes, only 44,000 separating him from the candidate of the right, out of 19 million voters. The new president began his term with plans for constitutional reform, land redistribution, and the nationalization of gas resources. Unable to stabilize a government (four cabinets succeeded each other in just over a year), the former teacher had already been threatened twice with impeachment proceedings.

It was a few hours before the consideration by Parliament of a third, on the morning of December 7, that Pedro Castillo chose to dissolve Congress, announcing at the same time the creation of an emergency government, and to a constituent assembly. However, recently restricted by Congress, the presidential powers do not allow him to dissolve it, except in very specific cases of political blockage. It is therefore a form “self-coup” denounced by his adversaries. Within an hour, most of his government resigned. At the very beginning of the afternoon, Congress ignores the presidential decree, and votes massively for the dismissal of Castillo, for “moral incapacity”automatically making its vice-president, Dina Boluarte, the new president of Peru.

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