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Are you planning to move in as a roommate? That’s good, we explain everything you need to know about shared student housing insurance.

What is shared accommodation insurance used for?

To cover you against possible rental risks (fire, water damage, theft, and risk of explosion), a Home Insurance is obligatory. The roommates subscribe, individually or collectively, to a dedicated housing insurance.

You will usually see shared accommodation insurance is required by the landlord at the time of signing or renewing the lease contract. Otherwise, your landlord has the right to terminate the rental contract and ciao the roommate! So make sure!

Who should provide shared accommodation?

It all depends on whether it is an individual or joint lease:

  • Colocation with several contracts: in the case of an individual lease, each joint tenant will have the right to choose their accommodation insurer.
  • Colocation with a single contract: roommates can be covered through a single insurance contract. Thus, the name of all the roommates will be indicated on the same document.

To comply with the insurance obligation, at least one of the joint tenants must be insured. But be careful, in the event of a claim, all the roommates must participate in the repair of the damage. All roommates must therefore have at least one civil liability guarantee (link to article).

Student housing insurance HEYME

Shared accommodation insurance cover

In addition to the civil liability guarantee, the minimum guarantees of the colocation insurance are linked to the rental risksthat is to say:

  • Water damage
  • Broken glass
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft and acts of vandalism

Update of the lease and insurance contract

In the event of the departure or arrival of a roommate, an amendment must be added to the lease contract which sets the new clauses, such as the number of roommates for example.

So, like the rental contract, you will have to update your multi-policy insurance contract.

Home insurance by HEYME

From €34/year, HEYME offers home insurance with useful guarantees for complete coverage.

The price varies according to the type of accommodation (room in a Cité U, studio, T, etc.) but remains the same regardless of your age or your place of residence.

If you are with a roommate, your friends are insured for free on the same contract and for the same price.

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