Shared Medical Record (DMP)

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What is the shared medical record?

the shared medical record is a digital health record bringing together all of your medical information and giving clear visibility on your treatments, your analyses, your reports, your medical history, and the people to contact in the event of an emergency.

Available online, this free and secure document is also made available to healthcare professionals to consult and share useful information for your care.

Who can benefit from the shared medical record?

Any person, adult or minor, with health insurance can create, if they wish, their shared medical record. The creation of the DMP is optional and is not subject to any obligation.

How to create a shared medical record?

For create a shared medical record, it’s simple. Two options are possible:

  • Go to the site DMP and fill in the required information (email, telephone, etc.). Then indicate your attending physician and define the health professionals who can access your shared medical file.
  • Take your carte vitale and ask for the creation of the document at the reception of a health establishment, at your pharmacist or during a medical consultation.

HEYME student health insurance

How do I consult my shared medical file?

To log in to your Shared medical filefill in your username (email address or phone number) and your password. This information is indicated on the document submitted when the DMP is created.

A mobile app is also available. Once connected, you can easily view the actions taken, check your treatment history, view your health data and update your file if necessary.

For continuous updates, talk to your attending physician during your consultations. You will then be notified when each new document is added.

How do I get a copy of my shared medical record?

To get a copy of your shared medical recordjust send the form request for a copy, duly completed and signed at the address below, with a photocopy of your identity document, and proof of address.

The shipment must be made by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt:

DMP Info Service – TSA 20 447, Accommodation service, 86963 FUTURO SCOPE CHASSENEUIL CEDEX

A copy of your file will then be sent to you free of charge, by registered mail in paper format or on CD-ROM.

Who can access my shared health record?

Any healthcare professional authorized to do so: your general practitioner, your pharmacist, your medical analysis laboratory, etc.

Know that you can modify the authorizations at any time from your personal space.

What should I do if I lose the identifiers for my shared medical record?

In the event of loss of your identifiers, you will be required to complete an intervention request form by logging into your access account or by calling the DMP Info Service, on the number: 0 810 331 133 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You will then receive your credentials in addition to a (temporary) password.

Is it possible to close my shared medical file?

Yes, you have the right to close your shared medical file at any time, with a health establishment, during a medical consultation, or by logging into your DMP space.

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