Silicon Valley Bank for sale again – Who is (re)buying?

Bank in difficulty seeks buyer – According to converging sources familiar with the matter, US regulators are again looking for a buyer for the Silicon Valley Bank after’failed this weekend. Now that authorities have declared a “systemic risk”there Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has a little more leeway to find a buyer. In the midst of the biggest banking crisis since 2008, will anyone be interested in taking over the failing bank?


The FDIC has the maneuver to sell the Silicon Valley Bank

In the first hours following the bankruptcy of an American depository bank, an agency systematically comes into play. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is an independent structure of the United States government that guarantees bank deposits of individuals up to 250,000 dollars per customer and per bank.

She was the one who got the file this weekend and who tried to sell the Silicon Valley Bank. On March 11, the bank found itself for sale for a few hours. But it seems thatno serious offer arrived on the desktop on the FDIC. The press reports that an institution would have made a proposal, but that it would have been rejected by the regulator.

the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is in charge of protecting the deposits of American savers and is seeking to find a buyer for Silicon Valley Bank.
FDIC seeks buyer for Silicon Valley Bank

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The American Troika mobilizes to save the SVB soldier

The case is therefore heard, and the bank does not interest anyone. But the supreme authorities of the United States changed the situation by decreeing a “systemic risk” in that case. With a statement spouse of the secretary to the Treasureof the Governor of the Federal Reserve and the president of the FDICit is now protect the american economy and strengthen public confidence in the banking system.

Besides, Janet L. Yellen, Jerome H. Powell And Martin J. Gruenbergthe FDIC official, were even supported by Joe Biden. POTUS himself who will “all that is necessary”. As a result, the FDIC finds itself with a little more latitude to deal with this case and to propose incentives to potential buyers. The Wall Street Journal has speak possible loss-sharing agreements to facilitate a recovery.

Some observers claim that the operation will be easy, because the Silicon Valley Bank owns valuable assets in large quantities. Others predict a fate similar to its English subsidiary, sold for 1 symbolic pound sterling. We will surely know more in the hours to come and will not fail to keep you informed. Meanwhile, in France, the CAC 40 is unscrewing and everywhere else, Bitcoin is performing… but until when ?

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Last Verdict

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