Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crash: the US bank seeks to “sell itself” to avoid bankruptcy

It’s here major concern of all financial markets for the past 24 hours: the very bad posture of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The situation, on the edge of the abyss, of this large American bank is undoubtedly not for nothing in the passage of Bitcoin (BTC) down below $20,000.

Despite the will of the leaders of the SVB to be reassuring only a few hours ago, it finally seems that wanting to rectify the situation is proving desperate. Because obviously, liquidate assets urgently (including at a loss) does not seem sufficient, given the liquidity crisis suffered by the US bank.

According to a article from CNBC that appeared a few minutes ago, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, SVB-Financialwould be in talks for to sell itself. And according to the cited sources, “large financial institutions” would be ready to buy the failing bank. In the meantime, theaction SIVB of the banking group is free falland lost almost -63% of its quotation since yesterday.

Silicon Valley Bank forced to sell itself.
Silicon Valley Bank Group’s stock plummets – Source Twitter account @tier10k

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