Silk Road Antique BTCs Moved by US Government: $1 Billion in Transit

Silk Road Antique BTCs Moved by US Government: $1 Billion in Transit

Ancient Bitcoins in motion – Since this morning, unusual movements are detected on the blockchain, waking up alerts from each other. We therefore learn, over the course of the analyses, that it is the American police forces, who would resell the thousands of bitcoins confiscated at Silk Road. Explanations.

These are so 50,000 bitcoinsa value of $1 billion, which were transferred from the United States government foreclosures portfolios. Engraved in the marble of the blockchain, the data shared by PeckShield show 3 transfers. They contain the Silk Road bitcoins seized in November 2021. A first movement of 9,861 BTC sent to Coinbase and two other transfers: one of 30,000 and the other of 9,000 BTC.

As a reminder, Silk Road was a black market on the darknet shut down by US authorities in 2013. The site allowed users to buy and sell illicit goods, including drugs, weapons and false documents, using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Launched in 2011 by Ross Ulbricht, many are the rumors that hover over the company. Stolen Bitcoins, suspicions of murders and other rumors, the police had confiscated many assets belonging to the company and its founder.

At the time of writing these few lines, forecasts are going well. Indeed, only a small amount of BTC was sent to Coinbase. Internal movements concerning the remaining bitcoins raise many questions. Case to follow.

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