Skiing: tips to avoid falls, accidents and injuries

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An essential activity for winter holidays, downhill skiing provides thrills for lovers of sliding sports. But there you have it, unfavorable weather conditions, a badly negotiated bend, a wrong move and you’re off the track guaranteed!

To avoid injuries and reduce the risk of accidents, here are some tips to ensure that your ski holiday does not turn into a nightmare.

Prepare yourself physically

Skiing is a physical activity that requires a lot of energy, especially if it is done only once a year. Hence the need to properly prepare your muscles before setting off to attack the snowy slopes.

Legs, thighs and calves will be harshly solicited! It will therefore be necessary to achieve a good physical and muscular preparation. Of the simple exercises can improve pelvic stability such as daily squats, walking and stair climbing.

Running and swimming are also sports that promote good preparation for winter sports.

Ski insurance the HEYME Snow Pack

Eat and hydrate enough

Alpine skiing eliminates approximately 300 to 600 calories per hour, an energy expenditure that requires a copious diet.

A lack of energy could weaken your concentration and increase the risk of accidents on the ski area. It is therefore recommended to opt for a full breakfast, rich in proteins and carbohydrates (fruit juice, cereals, bread, jam, honey, dairy products, eggs, ham, fruit, etc.). Eating fat does not protect against the cold, it is a received idea!

To avoid becoming dehydrated, bring a bottle of water or even an energy drink.

Check the hardware and adjust the bindings

A ski holiday is also a whole equipment to be provided. If you turn to renting in one of the ski resort shops, check that the equipment is approved. If in doubt, do not hesitate to test it and ask your questions.

Skiing with your own equipment requires regular maintenance. You can have it checked with professionals selling ski equipment. Also remember to ask them for the adjustment of your bindings to avoid sprains in the event of an accident.

If you want to try other sliding sports such as snowboarding for example, you will need to take suitable protection to absorb the shock in the event of a fall. Wrist fracture is the most common injury among snowboarders, whether novice or experienced.

Last recommendation: wearing a helmet. The ski helmet can save lives by avoiding head trauma.

Respect the safety signs and instructions

Staying attentive at low speed on a ski slope is not enough! It is necessary to control the speed, to anticipate, not to cut the trajectories of the other skiers and to take a look at the signaling.

You must also remain vigilant on the ski lifts. Keep the safety gate closed and only raise it when the signage authorizes you to do so.

Reminder: the downhill skier always has priority over the uphill skier.

Beware of the sun

Even in the mountains, the risk of burns exists! Snow reflects nearly 85% of the sun’s rays. These very dangerous UV rays can cause snow blindness. With reduced visibility, the risk of falls becomes more and more important.

Protect your eyes with yellow or orange tinted sunglasses, equipped with category 3 or 4 UV filters.

Also remember to protect the skin of your face with sunscreen.

Wear long-sleeved clothes. The risk of cold burns is extremely high.

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