Solcial: the Insta of Web3 already deployed on Solana?

Socialize without limits – Recently launched on the layer 1 blockchain Solana, Solcial is a social network at the crossroads of several references of the genre, and which uses the distributed register of the blockchain. Thus, the use of the network is free of access to anyone who wishes to use it, without constraints, without recovery of your personal data or censorship. Moreover, the monetization without intermediary of published content is simplified since digital ownership can be established and verified publicly “On-Chain”. Is the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Patreon of web3 already launched and free to access?

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Solcial revolutionizes the exchange of digital information

Solcial is a social network said “without authorisation “ (permissionless). It allows users all over the world to use it without restriction. Only a Solana address is required in order to be able to register, the email address being optional. You can also create this necessary Solana address directly on the Solcial’s website. You will then obtain a recovery phrase of 12 words which you will have to keep carefully, ideally offline. The current version of Solcial uses centralized elements for content storage, but the next update will ensure that all formats posted by users are stored on IPFS.

Being built on top of the famous Solana blockchain network, Solcial is renowned censorship resistant. Indeed, it is exclusively governed by computer rules and executed autonomously. In other words, “code is law”. Thanks to the work of more than 1000 validator nodes, the Solana network appears to be one of the most decentralized. This helps ensure that even in the face of a potential coordinated censorship action by multiple validators, they could not impose it on Solcial.

Solana is one of the best performing and cheapest blockchain networks to use.  Solcial benefits from these qualities to offer the first web3 social network
For more speed and virtually no fees, Solcial is built on the Solana network

Uncensored doesn’t mean there are no rules. Moderation will of course be practiced under the authority of the governance of the protocol. Thus, it may prohibit certain false information or posts published. Unequivocally illegal content will of course be moderated, there is no need to list them here. Any user may also report inappropriate content.

Solcial can be accessed in several ways:

Solcial, an operation tailored for influencers

If registration is free, Solcial’s main interest lies in a “tokenized” approach to what we can already call “the influencer of the future”. If you intend to monetize content, whether you are a singing teacher, a cook, a pro trader or whatever, you don’t have to depend on the will of a platform to be paid (or not) according to your audience. In effect, Solcial allows you to create your own tokenand to offer it to network users so that they subscribe to your “private” content.

To do this, nothing simpler. To start, you need to hold 0.021 SOL on your address. You will need them to “mint” your personal tokens. You can then choose the ticker associated with your token. Once this step is completed, a fixed amount of 1 million will be created, and 10,000 will be placed in a pool of cash.

Therefore, it will be possible for any user to Solcial to buy tokens there corresponding to your user profile, and ultimately “invest in your profile”. You retain ownership of all remaining tokens. So you can freely keep them, give them away or sell them. The displayed price of each token placed in the pool is $1. It will then be subject to the ebb and flow of purchases/sales, like any native token of a crypto project. Except that here, the project is you.

the tokenization of social networks is an issue that Solcial has understood, by allowing creators to generate income through their profiles and the quality of the content they post
On Solcial, you can monetize your profile and generate income

An innovative subscription system

As a user, Solcial invites you to discover the creators present on the platform for free, and toinvest by subscription on your favorite profiles. Thus, 3 levels are accessible, and the first 2 tiers are already available on the social network:

  • Tier 1 : public and free access content, allowing an experience similar to that offered by Twitter or Facebook for example.
  • Tier 2 : a bit like a “private” profile. It requires holding a certain amount of tokens of the creator whose non-public content you want to see.
  • Tier 3 : closer to a Patreon. It requires the possession of a certain quantity of tokens as for level 2, associated with a monthly rent paid in USDC, also customizable by the creator. Suitable for recurring educational content or coaching for example.

Beyond the posts visible for free, the interest is to access exclusive content posted by creators you follow. The latter will thus be able to generate income in the event that their production is sufficiently qualitative for people to be ready to pay to benefit from it. A whole new economic model then opens up, especially for artists, and even for companies that can now monetize their “social capital”.

The SLCL token, Solcial’s native token

The SLCL utility token offered by Solcial allows in particular to:

  • Participate in governance by voter within the DAO, according to the method of quadratic vote
  • Benefit of one trading fee discount on the platform
  • Buy tokens from your favorite creators

As you have understood, to be able to subscribe to content, you will need to have SLCLs. Indeed, the liquidity pools associated with the various accounts operate on a parity between the token of your favorite creators and the SLCL. We can therefore see this token as a gateway whose price will be directly linked to the success of the platform, and the content it will host.

The maximum quantity of SLCL tokens is set at 1 billion. It is a token SPLa Solana-specific format comparable to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard.

The total supply of SLCL tokens is distributed as follows:

  • 25% to ecosystem incentive fund
  • 25% to Treasury Reserve Fund
  • 20% to team, advisors and strategic partners: 1 year lock, followed by daily vesting over 2 years
  • 19% for the marketing and partnerships
  • 10% to private investors: vesting over 2 years
  • 1% to community allocation: 10% issued initially, then daily vesting over 1 year

All SLCL tokens will therefore be issued by 2025.

Graph representing the amount of SCLC tokens released over time.  The total supply will be reached in 2025.
Projection of the amount of SLCL tokens issued over time

Solcial has probably succeeded in creating a disruptive, open and inclusive social network that promotes freedom of expression within a decentralized and virtuous system operating on a peer-to-peer basis. The innovative internal economic system makes it possible to attribute value to content creators and share it with invested users. Everyone can now broadcast information publicly or privately, without risk of censorship. A monetization on an individual scale of relevant information without taboos then becomes possible. Decentralizing all content produced through IPFS will, in the short term, provide greater resilience for a viable and sustainable network. Would you like to try? It’s this way.

Feel free to subscribe to blog of Solcial in order to follow the latest advances.

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