Staying in the mountains: do you need to take out specific insurance?

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In the mountains, an accident can happen quickly: too tight a turn, a patch of ice, a knee that gives out… In addition to the emotional shock, the resulting rescue costs can be extremely expensive! Faced with the risks associated with the practice of a winter sport, should you take out specific insurance before leaving?

How much does mountain rescue cost?

If you are one of the lucky ones who will go to the mountains this winter, don’t forget to check that you are well insured for any problems you may encounter on site.

In France and all the more so abroad, mountain rescue is extremely expensive depending on the situation (on piste/off piste) and the type of rescue (tracker/helicopter, etc.).

  • Evacuation in a tray from the track to the aid station: between €300 and €600.
  • Helicopter evacuation from the runway to the hospital: at least €1,600 (the intervention of a helicopter costs on average €35 per minute).
  • One hour of first aid with snow groomer: €200.
  • Transport by ambulance to the hospital: approximately €300.

HEYME World pass international travel insurance

What insurance covers me if I fall alone?

If you are the victim of an accident, whether you are responsible for it or not, the Personal Accident insurance will compensate you for the bodily injury suffered.

What insurance covers me if I injure another skier or damage their equipment?

You are legally responsible for bodily, material and immaterial damage that you may involuntarily cause to others during your stay in the mountains. Civil Liability insurance will take care of financially compensating the victim.

Am I covered if I have an accident while off-piste?

With many insurers, off-piste rescue is excluded from insurance contracts, but not with HEYME with Snow Pack insurance!

Are emergency costs covered by social security or mutual insurance?

No, on-piste or off-piste rescue is never covered by health insurance or complementary health insurance, but only by personal insurance (for example, specific insurance for winter sports).

Do I have to pay the rescue costs?

Relief is the responsibility of the municipalities. They generally call on private companies. The cost of the operations is then borne by the injured party. Without specific insurance you will have to pay the bill.

What about my credit card insurance?

Depending on the contract signed with your bank, some bank cards may include civil liability insurance and may also cover rescue costs, material damage, repatriation and various cancellations caused by an accident (lift pass, accommodation, ski…). Please note, these are mainly “premium” bank cards (gold, mastercard, etc.) and the amounts covered are generally capped and therefore sometimes insufficient for full cover. Check with your bank advisor.

Note: the bank card must have been used to pay for your purchases. For example, in the event of an accident, to be reimbursed for the ski lessons that you have paid for, they must have been paid for with the bank card in question.

Why take out Snow Pack by HEYME insurance?

Are you a fan of winter sports? Snow Pack by HEYME insurance is complete and extended cover for 6 different sports activities: snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, Snowscooting and sledding. We intervene even if you slip between your accommodation and the ski lift.

The insurance includes:

  • coverage of medical expenses in France or abroad following an accident;
  • on-piste and off-piste rescue costs;
  • Civil Liability to cover damage (bodily, material or immaterial) that you may accidentally cause to others during your stay;
  • individual accident: if you are the victim of an accident, whether you are responsible for it or not, it will financially cover the bodily injury you have suffered;
  • repatriation assistance.

Our pluses?

  • An adjustable rate by the week, fortnight or season.
  • Insurance valid in France and abroad.
  • Online subscription and certification in a few clicks.

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