Stellar Network (XLM) to the rescue of Ukrainian refugees

Stellar to the rescue! – The invasion of Ukraine by Russia at the beginning of 2022 was a real shock to public opinion. In a general outpouring of solidarity, crypto donations poured in in record time to support the people. Putting in the way all the traditional initiatives, much slower. These efforts are not over. The Stellar Blockchain has just entered into a partnership that could well be a game-changer. Decryption.

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Stellar, an aid at the speed of light?

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) indeed comes fromannounce a partnership with theInternational Rescue Committee (IRC). The objective is simple. Helping Ukrainian refugees in need with an all-level cash access system. This pilot, developed by the SDF, the non-profit organization responsible for promoting the development of Stellar public blockchainis called Stellar Aid Assist.

The Stellar blockchain helps Ukrainian refugees by facilitating access to USDC and conversions of it into cash.
The Stellar Aid Assist program to help Ukrainian refugees – Source: Twitter

“Announcement: IRC and Stellar are announcing the implementation today of a unique blockchain-powered support system for Ukrainians. »

The purpose of this program is to reinforce existing IRC initiatives using USDC, the dollar stablecoin issued by Circle. This could be distributed instantly in the digital wallet (wallet) Ukrainians in need via Vibrant app. Money stored discreetly in their smartphone. Compared to cash, there is no photo. USDCs will be much easier to transport over long distances in the midst of conflict.

For refugees deprived of access to a bank account, or even a credit card, in this period of war, the Stellar Aid Assist program appears to be essential. It will allow Ukrainians to convert the USDC contained in their wallet into cold hard currency in more than 400,000 MoneyGram branches in 175 different countries. Enough to provide a lifeline and easy and discreet access to cash and dollars for refugees in difficulty.

Stablecoins make traditional transfers ridiculous

“The IRC must find innovative solutions to help the victims of humanitarian disasters. The partnership with the SDF offers a new way for Ukrainians to receive financial assistance, especially in dollars, so that they can rebuild their lives. »

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee

Stablecoins are proving to be incredibly effective as a vector of support for populations in the throes of conflict. Easily transferable via the blockchain, cash can travel in record time from donors to recipients in need. Easily transportable and discreet, the stablecoins like USDCcontained in a wallet, within a telephone, go unnoticed in the most closely monitored areas of armed conflict.

Thanks to the help of Stellar, Ukrainian refugees can hold USDC, digital dollars, in their smartphones.
Stablecoins, the next money revolution?

“For vulnerable populations, cash-based interventions are a lifeline, allowing access to freedom and dignity. […] The use of technology [blockchain] allows donations to reach people where they need it most. »

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation

Leaving traditional initiatives on the sidelines, blockchain technologies like Stellar are once again demonstrating their effectiveness in solving very concrete problems. Such as supporting in a flash populations trapped in the middle of conflicts and deprived of resources. Technological breakthroughs should be embraced rather than fought. Because it is only by relentlessly questioning the status quo that these revolutions will improve our society.

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