Strike in Kherson, Russian advance in Bakhmout… Update on the situation in Ukraine

LIVE - War in Ukraine: still "fierce fighting" in Bakhmout

LIVE War in Ukraine still fierce fighting in Bakhmout

Wagner in Bakhmout. On the Bakhmout front, the epicenter of the fighting in the Donbass, Evguéni Prigojine, the boss of the paramilitary group Wagner, claimed a new progression of his men who are fighting there on the front line. The latter said that the Russians are currently just over a kilometer from the center of Bakhmout, a city that Moscow troops have been trying to take since the summer.

“It is the building of the municipal administration, the administrative center of the city”he said in a video released by the press service of his company Concord, pointing from the roof of a building to another building in what he said was Bakhmout. “It’s 1.2 km away […] This is the area, there are fights going on”he specified.

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