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Student residence, empty or furnished rental, shared accommodation…

In France you have plenty of options when it comes to student accommodation. Here, we tell you everything to emerge a winner from the jungle of student accommodation!

Golden Rule !

To avoid falling on a shabby accommodation, in a lost corner that you will pay dearly, you will have to do it in advance: end of April for university residences and early July maximum for private rentals. Don’t get caught up in time!

University residences: the reassuring option!

This option is the best for reassuring housing. This is the most advantageous formula and above all the most economical. Budget-wise, you don’t have to worry. You can stay in a student residence on campus, at lower prices than in private parks.

Obtaining a place in a university residence is not systematic. Prepare your request as soon as possible!

Application dates are often communicated in advance. You will have to compile a student social file (DSE) and submit it before April 30 to the CROUS. If you are admitted, you will be informed at the end of June to finalize all the procedures.

NB : the request for accommodation with the Crous is made at the same time as that of the grant.

If you have not had the chance to get your accommodation in a university residence, other solutions are available to you.

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Shared accommodation: the humanly rewarding option!

The roommate is an accommodation option that is increasingly popular in France, especially among students.

In addition to being economical, the roommate is a humanly rewarding experience, with lots of advantages: living in a spacious apartment, living in a community, being responsible and supportive, sharing costs (internet subscription, energy bills, tax, etc.). .), etc.

Before choosing your roommate, find out from former students and Facebook groups. Ask for feedback and make an inventory before signing your lease contract.

To live alone

If you prefer living alone, individual rental is the housing solution for you. You will be able to live at your own pace, monopolize all the spaces, receive your friends at any time and experience independence!

Living alone while being a student is also a great learning experience. Alone in your apartment, you will learn to manage, manage your budget and discover the solitary life!

Homestay student accommodation

Sleeping in a private room with the locals is a quick, friendly, practical and economical solution.

A decent homestay room should meet decent criteria. It must be furnished (even summarily), be 9 m², and have a window for ventilation and sunshine. In homestay accommodation, the kitchen and bathroom are often common to the apartment or the house.

Its price is relatively modest. This type of accommodation offers a friendly and family environment. This is an opportunity for you to meet new people and continue to live in a family atmosphere.

Unusual housing (container, micro habitat)

Wooden accommodation, floating university residences, eco-friendly university residences built 80% with wood, school buses transformed into student accommodation, Spaceboxes or containers… So many original and unusual accommodation options, special for students .

These atypical accommodations are less expensive, spacious and minimalist. The only downside is that they are extremely rare!

A few pitfalls to overcome

  • Beware of real estate agency fees: some agencies may ask you for fees higher than 1 month’s rent! Know that it is illegal.
  • Beware of list merchants : these addresses which will cost you between 100 and 400 euros are often incorrect and do not guarantee any right to housing. Be vigilant!

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