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HEYME car insurance

Young driver, you are finally free to ride where you want! For your safety, we help you find the right auto/motorcycle insurance for students.

Car insurance

The first guarantee of auto insurance, whether all-risk or third-party, remains civil liability. If you cause damage to another driver or their vehicle, or even to a pedestrian, the damage caused will be paid for by your insurance.

  1. Third party insurance

This guarantee is the minimum required to drive. It covers civil liability and covers damage caused to third parties (persons and/or cars) in the event of an accident not at fault.

If you are responsible for the claim, the damage caused to your vehicle will not be covered.

HEYME car insurance

  1. Back to back insurance

It covers material damage and bodily injury following an accident, whether you are responsible for it or not.

You are covered in the following cases:

  • Third party identified or not
  • Stationary or moving vehicle
  • Vandalism, natural disasters

If you are the driver, the all-risk formula also reimburses you for medical expenses incurred, hospitalization, surgery, in addition to sick leave and funerals in the event of death.

  1. Theft and fire insurance

You can benefit from it in case of fire or explosion. Your insurer can replace your car if it is totally destroyed, or repair it in the event of minor damage.

There is compensation if:

  • The fire is due to an accident such as electrical short circuits or an extreme climatic condition.
  • The fire was caused by acts of vandalism or an attack.

If you cause the fire, intentionally or not, compensation cannot take place.

Which insurance to choose when you are a young driver?

As for seasoned motorists, a young driver is obliged to take out at least third-party car insurance in order to be covered for any bodily injury or material damage that he could cause to a third party during a responsible accident.

As a young driver, your lack of driving experience constitutes a greater risk in the eyes of insurers. A “surcharge” will therefore be systematically applied to you.

This additional premium is initially limited to 100% of the base rate and then decreases. It will be 50% maximum at the end of the second year, 25% maximum the third year, before being removed from the fourth year, provided that you are not responsible for an accident in the meantime.

As a young driver and so that you can drive with complete peace of mind, HEYME offers you formulas offering complete coverage at suitable prices.

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