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HEYME student civil liability insurance

Are you starting a university course that you hope will be hassle-free? You will then need to take out student civil liability insurance to cover life incidents.

But, what is the Student Civil Liability (RC) for? What damage does it cover? Is it necessary to take out other insurance when you are a student?

We explain everything to you to understand how student civil liability works.

What is student civil liability insurance for?

A student is required to compensate the victims and to cover the material, immaterial or bodily damage that he could cause to a third party through inattention, negligence or imprudence.

Compensation can weigh heavily on a student’s tight budget. Student Civil Liability is there to take care of everything. It will lighten the financial burden and protect you against disasters that may occur in your student life.

If you do not have student civil liability insurance, you will be obliged to compensate the victim and sometimes this can cost a fortune!

HEYME student civil liability insurance

Is student civil liability insurance compulsory?

Student Civil Liability insurance is compulsory in certain situations such as:

  • Registration for higher education: the RC certificate is one of the mandatory documents to validate your university registration. It is also required for any cultural visit, off-campus activity and language trip.
  • Internships in companies: the internship is a mandatory step for the validation of your university course. You will need to attach your student RC certificate to your internship agreement.

All students must have a valid student Civil Liability insurance certificate which proves that they have taken out Civil Liability cover.

On the other hand, student civil liability insurance is optional in the event of registration with a sports club. It is still recommended to check the sports activities covered by your insurer.

It is also advisable to have some for your student job (private lessons, babysitting, etc.).

What are the guarantees of a student RC insurance contract?

As student life is hectic, taking out student civil liability insurance is essential to repair any damage you may cause to others. It also allows you to deal with the unexpected and protect you on a daily basis.

It guarantees optimal protection at your place of study, in business during your internship and even in your private life.

Three types of damage are compensated by student civil liability insurance:

  • Material damage: destruction or deterioration of an object belonging to a third party.
  • Intangible damage: harm to the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss.
  • Personal injury: physical injury.

Why subscribe to an online student RC?

Why waste time filling out the administrative forms to take out student civil liability insurance, when it is very simple and more practical to complete the procedures online in a few clicks.

No need to print forms or send your student insurance application file. Subscribing online saves you shipping costs and avoids travel and associated costs.

All you need is an internet connection to fill in all the information requested, download the supporting documents and send them directly to your insurer.

How to find cheap student liability insurance?

Several online platforms offer you a simulator of student Civil Liability insurance rates which allows you to request quotes and compare the insurance offers offered to choose the guarantees that best suit your needs and your budget.

The student RC can be included in the multi-risk home insurance (MRH). It is possible to subscribe to it independently. The ideal is to opt for a student health insurance that offers affordable rates.

Thanks to more than 50 years of expertise in the field of mutual insurance, HEYME provides you with civil liability insurance at 13 €/year to cover material, immaterial or bodily damage caused to a third party during your internships in France such as abroad.

Internship, on-call or care in a hospital establishment? HEYME has specially designed a Medical Civil Liability guarantee to protect students in the field of health during the exercise of their medical, surgical or paramedical activities.

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

How to obtain a student RC insurance certificate?

The Civil Liability certificate is a document that proves the subscription to a Civil Liability guarantee. It is issued by your insurer, who in the event of damage, undertakes to repair the damage and to pay compensation to the victim.

The certificate can be downloaded from the insurer’s website in paper or digital format.

Civil liability studying abroad, how does it work?

Whether for an internship abroad, for a language stay or as part of an Erasmus programme, taking out student civil liability insurance is the solution to be protected throughout the world.

HEYME offers you Civil Liability + insurance to cover your travels and assist you throughout your stay abroad. She understands :

  • Repatriation assistance
  • Coverage of your medical expenses
  • Medical transport in the event of accident or illness

By subscribing to Civil Liability + HEYME insurance, you will benefit from:

  • Complete and immediate coverage at unbeatable prices
  • Access to your personal space on the HEYME mobile application for quick downloading of your certificate. You can also get it by email.

👉 HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

What are the exclusions of student liability insurance?

Are excluded from the student civil liability guarantee, damage:

  • Willfully caused.
  • Caused in the course of the exercise of a professional activity.
  • Caused between members of the same family.

Check with your insurer!

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