Student: is it possible to sublet your apartment during the holidays?

Student housing insurance HEYME

Are you a student and have you considered subletting your apartment during your vacation? Are you still hesitating because you think it’s illegal? It is possible but you have to respect certain conditions. Lighting !

Subletting: the rules to follow

To sublet your apartment, your landlord must provide you with a written agreement stating:

  • That you can sublet
  • The amount of rent for the sublease, which cannot be higher than what you pay to the lessor

For your part, you must return to the sub-tenant:

  • Written permission from the lessor
  • Copy of the current lease

If these conditions are not met, you risk termination of your lease and reimbursement of the sublease rents.

Attention : subletting is prohibited in a university residence managed by the CROUS.

Student housing insurance HEYME

How to protect yourself when subletting?

For the sublease to take place under the best conditions, it is advisable to draw up a sublease contract specifying:

  • Payment amount and deadline
  • The duration of the sublease: just like the amount, it cannot exceed that of your own lease
  • Termination terms
  • The amount of the security deposit and the conditions for its return
  • The obligations of both parties.

We also recommend that you carry out an entry and exit inventory with your sub-tenant.

Attention : Over the entire duration of the sublet, you remain legally responsible for the accommodation!

Also, there is no specific home insurance for the sublease and the owner’s insurance will not be valid in the event of glitches.

Platforms to convince its owner

To reassure the owner, students use platforms like SmartRenting : an agency specializing in subletting. She contacts your landlord and takes care of everything while you are away.

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