Student jobs: becoming a bilingual nanny with Mômji

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Are you looking for a job that fits your schedule for the start of the school year?

Sales, catering, tourism… there is no shortage of offers when you want to put money aside in parallel with your studies during the school year!

Babysitting is also a popular activity among students, but the assignments are sometimes irregular and the experience can be difficult to value on a CV, especially if you go by word of mouth in an unprofessional context!

Good news, these obstacles can be easily circumvented, by going through a recognized agency in the field of child care such as Momji! An agency able to offer offers adapted to your needs, regular missions and real professional legitimacy.

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Mômji: an unchanged vision of childcare since 2009

Mômji is a childcare agency created in 2009 by Antoine and Julien.

Their objective ? Make childcare a rewarding experience for children and nannies alike!

Through values ​​of sharing, open-mindedness and benevolence, they wish to participate in the creation of the world of tomorrow: a more tolerant world where differences come together to forge links!

For more than 13 years, they have relied on the passions, languages ​​and cultures of their nannies, to arouse the curiosity of children.

Every year, they employ more than 4,000 nannies and language teachers… So why not you?

And other good news: to apply is very simple, no need for a CV!

What job offers are made for me at Mômji?

Since its creation, Mômji has specialized in different childcare and you can join them on missions with various objectives:

Are you bilingual and do you want to transmit a language, a culture, in parallel with your guard missions?

– Become a nanny Momji Bilingual:

Initiation: Do you have an intermediate or fluent level of English? In addition to the classic childcare assignments (school outing, snack time, walks in the park, homework help, etc.), you lead a specific activity in the chosen language such as a creative activity in English, or a cooking recipe in Spanish for example!


In immersion : This formula is made for you if you are bilingual or native! This is 100% bilingual childcare, as if these children were looked after abroad!

In addition to your bilingualism, do you have teaching experience?

You can also join us as language teacher! We are looking for teachers who are passionate and motivated to pass on their knowledge to students of all levels.

You don’t speak a foreign language, but you are motivated to share your passions?

Become a nanny Mômji Creative: With this childcare formula in French, you can rely on your centers of interest (sport, art, etc.) to gently support the development of the child (motricity, sociability, language, etc.), thanks to the games and creative activities!

13 years of Mômji expertise to support you… and lots of advantages!

  • Join the first international community de France (more than 3,000 employees and 190 nationalities): you take part in organized events and benefit from exclusive advantages on numerous services: guarantors, accommodation, banks, etc.

  • A job flexible and tailor-made, close to you: the age of the children cared for, the level of the pupils, the place of work, the schedules: it is you who choose!

  • One educational support unique: initial training in Mômji pedagogy, educational materials sent every two weeks, a welcome booklet full of ideas and advice as well as an educational kit filled with creative activities to accompany you throughout the year !

  • The opportunity to professionalizeand of up skills: free access to English and French lessons, educational workshops, or the possibility of taking your Early Childhood CAP for free with Mômji…

  • And side salary ? Mômji nannies earn between 11.50 euros and 14 euros gross per hour, and the salary of a language teacher is between 14 and 20 euros per hour!

Do you want to join the adventure?

Meet on the application form to apply in one click!

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