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HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Few people know the role of liability insurance in our daily lives, yet it has a key role in protecting our clumsiness.

It covers you for bodily, material and immaterial damage that you could cause to another in your private life, within the university or school, in your sporting activities and in your student jobs (private lessons, baby- sitting…).

Are you doing an internship or starting a small job? Great ! This is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the professional world but also to make sure you are covered by an effective guarantee in the event of a problem!

What is civil liability?

Civil liability is defined by article 1382 of the law: “Any act whatsoever of man, which causes damage to others, obliges the person by whose fault it occurred to repair it. »

It is for this reason that it is required upon registration in most higher education establishments, that it is compulsory during internships and essential in student jobs.

In the event of an accident and bodily injury, material or immaterial, civil liability takes the place of you to compensate the victim. In the absence of insurance, you will have to take care of the compensation yourself. It therefore intervenes financially to cover and take charge of your clumsy gestures.

Are excluded from civil liability, all intentional damage, bodily injury caused to oneself and those occurring in a professional context (employee contract).
Also, the practice of extreme sports, or damage caused with a car or an electric scooter, are not covered by Civil Liability insurance since there are other specific contracts.

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Some examples to better understand

Civil liability covers you financially in many cases, here are a few:

  • You accidentally break your teacher’s overhead projector : at best the repairs amount to 600€, at worst it is not repairable and you will have to replace it with the same model or a similar one (it costs 1200€)
  • During your babysitting, you drop Mrs. Dupont’s collection vase. : we don’t prefer to give you the price of this valuable item… but it was expensive, VERY expensive.
  • You have the equipment loaned by the company in which you are on an internship stolen : one minute of inadvertence and your laptop disappears. Damn…it’s your responsibility.
  • You sit on your classmate’s glasses : CRAC, he can’t see anything and will need a new pair very soon.
  • Your dog bites someone else : so there it is not cool… but yes you are also responsible for the acts of your animal. And if the victim needs treatment, you will have to pay for it.

Who must take out civil liability insurance during an internship?

You are not covered by your parents’ civil liability during your internship or while you carry out an extracurricular activity.

During high school

In college or high school, it is up to the director of the school to have civil liability insurance. It covers damage that the student may cause during the internship, on the premises as well as outside the company or on the way to the place of the internship.

During graduate studies

You must take out liability insurance yourself. It is mandatory and the director of the establishment is required to ensure the veracity of this subscription. It is for this reason that it is generally imposed upon enrollment in higher education.

During an internship abroad

If you plan to do an internship abroad, consider taking out more comprehensive insurance such as health insurance abroad: HEYME WorldPass. It is an international health cover which offers, in addition to civil liability, more extensive guarantees: 100% reimbursement of actual health costs in the event of unexpected illness, coverage in the event of hospitalization, insurance repatriation, medical and legal assistance…

And at Geeklay, how is it going?

At HEYME, for €13/year, civil liability insurance covers bodily, material and immaterial damage that you may cause to a third party during your studies, your internships in France and abroad, or during certain activities (outings, babysitting, etc.).

If you are a medical or paramedical student, HEYME offers you medical civil liability to cover you in the context of your internships, on-call duty or care.

As a bonus, HEYME offers you the medical teleconsultation service available 24 hours a day and unlimited with MédecinDirect.

You can consult a general practitioner or specialist without having to travel. Just download the app “DoctorDirect” available on App Store and Google Play.

Your contract takes effect immediately and you will receive your certificate by email.

For more information on our offers, please consult the link below.

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