Student life: tips and tricks

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Student life is synonymous with autonomy but also with expenses such as rent, tuition fees, health costs, internet and telephone subscription bills, shopping…. That’s a lot of stuff to do on a limited budget. But then how to organize?

No more hassle, you have the tips and good plans to start your student life serenely!

Sublet rooms

At the start of the academic year, some students find it difficult to find accommodation because of their tight budget.

If you live with your parents or in a house or apartment with available rooms, you can sublet them to share the cost of housing and avoid loneliness.

Research is done by word of mouth or on dedicated platforms. All you have to do is submit a detailed ad indicating your situation, your age, your requirements, the description of the accommodation, etc.

Roommates are a growing legal practice, especially among students, however, it is advisable to go through a trial period before committing to check the good agreement with your future roommate.

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Rent your furniture

To avoid expenses related to the purchase of furniture and household appliances, renting (bed, table, chair, storage cupboards, etc.) is a real alternative for furnishing your home without breaking the bank.

It also avoids stress, fatigue and the problems of loading, unloading and storage in the event of a move. Find out about the different packs available and the purchase options if you want to keep the furniture afterwards.

You can go to a consignment store or a flea market to find objects and furniture at a good price.

Good to know :

You can find furniture and equipment in good condition and free online or in stores.

Eat well without spending too much

When you are a student, you need to eat a varied and balanced diet to boost our energy and stimulate our brain, but what can we do with a small budget?

Consider buying seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber to strengthen your immune system and fight against stress and fatigue.

Starches are to be consumed in moderation, they are rich in energy and stimulate physical and mental activity.

It is not necessary to eat meat or fish daily. You can replace them with eggs which are also rich in protein or with fresh dairy products.

To have fun, there are applications where you can order prepared meals at a good price/quality ratio.

If you like to cook it will be much cheaper than buying a sandwich or prepared meals. It is strongly advised to cook in large quantities and to freeze the food in portions. This is a good trick to avoid food waste without breaking the bank.

Good to know :

Make a list for organizing your shopping and planning your meals.

Leisure and culture:

When you are a student you can benefit from a preferential rate and reductions to attend certain cultural events, concerts and shows or to access museums, theaters, cinemas….

French national museums are free all year round for European students under 26. There are also promo codes for major brands in different business sectors: fashion, beauty, clothing….

Bonus tip!

To take advantage of these reductions, request your student card from your establishment and present it at each checkout.

Choosing the right career path

As a student, you have several options for entering the job market. You can get an apprenticeship contract for example. This mode of alternating training will allow you to complete your theoretical knowledge.

Whether during your university course or at the end of your training, the internship is an essential step in student life. It will allow you to highlight your know-how and your professional achievements, to learn new practices and working methods and to facilitate your professional immersion.

If you plan to go abroad to continue your studies as part of an exchange program, get closer to your institution to find out how to register. You can also attend information sessions or virtual fairs and forums to get the information you need to prepare your file.

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Find a student job

Do you want to gain professional experience alongside your studies? It’s possible ! You can find a student job to have financial autonomy while enriching your CV.

Whether for one-off or regular assignments, a wide range of jobs are available to students: waiter, delivery man, receptionist, cook, etc.

To put the odds on your side, a well-prepared job search is the right way to easily land a small job. This will allow you to review the available job offers, but also to better meet the requirements and conditions required by the employer.

You can call on a specialized recruitment organization to help you find the position that matches your student profile or go through the personal network, word of mouth, spontaneous application, public posting…

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