Student mutual aid, where to turn?

HEYME student health insurance

The health and economic crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic has had serious consequences for the entire population and no category has been spared, not even students.

Isolation, ill-being, precariousness… so many problems that have continued to grow throughout this period. This is why some networks have emerged with the sole watchword: mutual aid.

Focus on these platforms and associations which, through their initiatives, are committed to improving the lives of students.

HEYME student health insurance


Formerly Solidarity Students, ExtraStudent is the first free school mutual aid platform, intended for all students and pupils in France.

Concerned about the school dropout that the Covid-19 crisis could cause, Jules Simiand Brocherie created this platform in May 2020 with the principle of helping and sharing information between students.

Thus, students who have facilities in one or more subjects can share their sheets, presentations and even homework with all the members registered on the platform, throughout France.

Members also have the option of interacting in a discussion forum or chatting privately on instant messaging.

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Student Corner

Student Corner is a free interactive platform that allows the exchange of services and objects remotely, between students.

Anxious to improve the lives of students on a daily basis and to develop a wide support network throughout France, Antoine and Antoine, alias “Gogo” and “Tonio”, had the idea of ​​creating this network to facilitate the relationship of students looking for services, objects, but also odd jobs, information and tips, both regionally and nationally.

A close-knit and attentive community, diversified profiles, varied exchanges… allow students to consider themselves as friends ready to help each other!

Student Corner is also videos animated by students where everyone can: debate and discuss around a particular theme, to offer specific courses or training (Photoshop, Excel…) or evenings conducive to meetings between students.

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Nightline France

Nightline France is an association that actively campaigns for the improvement of student mental well-being and works to free speech around the reality of student life and the subjects of Mental Health.

Made up of volunteer students trained in active listening, the association has set up a nocturnal listening system, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., completely anonymous and free, accessible by telephone and chat throughout France. in a comforting and caring environment.

In this way, students can address the issues they face on a daily basis such as loneliness, relational concerns (relatives, friends, etc.) or stress (anxietyinsomnia…).

To reassure students, the association highlights 4 main principles:

  • Anonymity
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-directiveness
  • The absence of judgment

Nightline France is also a broad field of action with higher education establishments through prevention and student awareness so that student mental health is no longer a taboo subject.

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Co’p1 – Student Solidarity

It was noting the precarious situation of students caused by the Covid-19 health crisis that six students from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Ulysse, Lucine, Benjamin, Jeanne, Paul Bouscary and Paul Bordron decided to act by giving birth to the association Co’p1 – Student Solidarity.

The Co’p1 association is committed to fighting against insecurity by helping students in need by organizing the weekly distribution of basic food products (starches, fruits, vegetables, preserves, etc.).

On presentation of a student card or a school certificate, each student will be able to benefit from this aid without conditions of resources and regardless of their establishment within the limits of available places.

Before the distribution, volunteers and students share a friendly moment over coffee or tea to discuss the different student aid.

In addition, the association conducts studies anonymously in order to better identify the needs of beneficiaries with the aim of improving their care.

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The Afev

L’Afev or the Student Foundation Association for the City is an association of general interest which was created in 1991 and whose objective is to fight against inequalities in working-class neighborhoods in France by encouraging students to mobilize in order to to support young people with learning difficulties.

Today, the Afev is present in more than 350 neighborhoods, which makes it the leading student intervention network advocating solidarity within working-class neighborhoods, more specifically, in terms of education.

A committed program focused on three main programs:

Individual support (mentoring)

This program offers students the opportunity to commit to a one-year mentorship mission. Every week for two hours, volunteers go to families from working-class neighborhoods to support children and teenagers who encounter difficulties in their schooling and education. The opportunity for these children to gain self-confidence and to open up to new socio-cultural horizons through learning.

Volunteers in Residence

Young people in Civic Service work in schools (with the Afev and the teaching team) and give life to projects by involving children with the aim of improving the school climate and thus avoiding risk of dropping out of school.

Kolocations for Solidarity Projects (KAPS)

Through the Kaps, the Afev offers young people aged 18 to 30 (Kapseurs or Kapseuses) the opportunity to take advantage of low-rent shared accommodation in a working-class neighborhood in order to carry out collective solidarity projects (shared gardens, neighbors’ parties …). The creation of links with the inhabitants makes it possible to bring the neighborhood to life.

The Afev is also involved in awareness campaigns aimed at the general public and annual surveys: “Day of Refusal of School Failure”, “Observatory of the commitment of young people”…

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