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Suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament: Eva Kaili, the fall of an elected official with a meteoric rise

Suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament Eva Kaili the

According to two sources, quoted in the Greek pressVice-President of the European Parliament “had attracted attention” investigators “for at least a year and a half”so that it had been put “under surveillance”. According to information published in the press, the investigation had been led for four months by a Brussels financial judge.

But everything accelerated overnight from Friday to Saturday. An operation of a rare scale has been launched throughout the Belgian capital. In all, police and prosecutors entered at least 15 homes and offices in Brussels, where the European Parliament sits, while their colleagues took two women to Italy. During this operation, the Belgian police seized “about 600,000 euros in cash”, as well as “computer equipment and mobile phones” whose contents will be analyzed. Of the “bill bags” had notably been found in Eva Kaili’s apartment. The father of the former Greek TV star was arrested with a suitcase full of money in front of the Sofitel hotel, while on his way to the airport. Caught in “flagrante delicto”, the elected official could not therefore enjoy her parliamentary immunity.

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