Syria earthquake: thousands of people ask to adopt the baby found alive in the rubble

VIDEO - Earthquake in Syria: the miracle of a baby found alive, still attached to its mother by the umbilical cord

VIDEO Earthquake in Syria the miracle of a baby

Barely born, she was close to death. In the middle of the apocalyptic landscapes of the Syrian locality of Jandairis, a baby was saved in extremis from the rubble of a building. Rescuers were busy trying to find survivors in this area of ​​Aleppo province, after the powerful earthquake that ravaged Syria and neighboring Turkey on Monday. In the heart of the rubble, a few hours after the shock, they discovered an infant still alive, still connected by the umbilical cord to his mother, who had already died. Supported at the hospital, the little girl will now be taken in by a great-uncle, after having received thousands of adoption requests.

The video of the rescue (to be found at the top of the article) had gone around the world: perched on mountains of rubble, a man runs with long strides, a tiny body covered with dust in his hands, while another throws him a blanket to protect the child. The only survivor of his entire family, who perished in the collapse, the baby was placed in an incubator at the hospital near the city of Afrin. He suffered from bruises but his condition quickly stabilized. A miracle that the medical team wanted to celebrate by naming the tiny girl Aya, “a sign from God” in Arabic, relate The Guardian.

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